Yes, Join That College Club

College is always an interesting subject because it is hard to pin point just how our years will go. There are always surprises and bumps on the road -- things that are for the best, and other times just full of failure. However, what has stood out to me in my college years is the value of being part of a club. I received an email about a brand new club starting up, which is like an ethics club, but there is a plan to participate in a regional ethics bowl competition. Being a student that is in the healthcare field, this is perfect. Ethics and morals go with being a health care professional everyday, and I thought this might be fun. We discuss different cases and prepare how we may argue these points for the competition.

Moving on to my other club, pre-med club, we are given opportunities to volunteer, participate in activities, and ways to build our resume for medical school. This one seems to be more in tune with my major and with my goals for the future, but that doesn't mean you have to do something pertaining to your academic career. You can go for an interest, as well.

Colleges have hundreds of different clubs, and some may come along and just talk. The philosophy club that I have sat in on, or others, will do work and prepare for a competition like my ethics club. There are others that can be there for support, such as the LGBTQ club. These clubs are a joy to be part of, and it's always helpful to be with others that may have the same goals as you for your future. Or maybe they, like you, just like to discuss topics that you find interesting.

A club is full of others that understand you, are interested in the same things as you, and share your goals. You learn about everyone else and their experiences. Projects, competitions, and opportunities can come in bulk. You learn about other peoples' backgrounds, and how they see the world with different views. You connect, interact, and can also network with these individuals and other students. You may even make a new friend along the way.

Regardless of if you need something to pass the time, or if you just want something to do, a club is always a great option. You do have to put time and effort in, but being in a group setting will make you motivated and will help you strive in your academic career.

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