School's out and summer break has begun.

If you live in a small town, that means coming home and hanging out with the same 2 friends that you still keep in contact with for two to three months straight.

Here are some moments that small town folk experience every summer.

When you finally get to relax

You have no more exams or projects to worry about, so kick your feet up and chill out Joey and Chandler style.

When you start eating everything in sight because it's way better than campus food

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal after months of eating cheap campus cafeteria food.

When you have to go to extreme measures to avoid seeing people you know everywhere you go

In a small town, you can't go anywhere without running into 20 people you know. You have to maneuver carefully through the grocery store, get the corner booth in restaurants, or, if you're like Joey, just avoid making eye contact with people by putting a turkey on your head.

When you get bored so you have to get creative to pass the time

Small towns don't have a lot of options when it comes to fun things to do. Often times, you have to make your own fun.

When you see posts about your friends going out and having fun in their hometowns without you

Everybody knows what it feels like to get FOMO (fear of missing out). It hits hard when your friends live in big cities and are enjoying their summer while you're sitting at home in PJs watching The Price Is Right every day.

When you finally do go out and you end up flirting with people from high school that you know you shouldn't be flirting with

Bigggg mistake.

When you get so bored you start losing your mind and talking to inanimate objects

Then your pets start looking at you funny and it just gets weird...

When the new school year approaches and you realize you forgot everything you learned last semester

You start realizing that you got a little carried away when you threw away all of your notes on the last day of class.

When you realize you forgot to get in shape over the summer and you ate way too much instead

Embrace the curviness.

When you finally go back to school and are reunited with your friends

Because the worst part about being in a small town is the fact that your friends don't live there.

Small town living can get you in a funk, but it can also be a great way to recharge before coming back to school for another year. And spending time with family is always great, especially when your mom's food is as good as Monica's; take it from Joey.

Happy summer everybody!