Job Searching Sucks
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Job Searching Sucks

"Find a job," they said...

Job Searching Sucks
Miranda Tollison

Getting a degree is easy compared to finding a job. You're excited you've graduated, but you're not ready to take on the adventure of finding a new job. No one likes an inbox full of rejection. No one likes that their first choice has said, "No."

Finding a job is hard.

Legitimately hard.

Since May, graduation has come and gone and many of those graduated individuals either already have a job via prior internships, family or whatever connection they possess. Then there's the other half. Those who don't have jobs. Those who have skills and qualifications that over-qualify them to work at a job such as a cashier in some chain store but under-qualifies them for a position such as program coordinator.

My journey to finding a new stop started when the company I worked for had decided to eliminate my job. I'm not mad, really. I'm scared. Absolutely freaking terrified. Why? My fiance and I just bought a home. My student loans are looming over my head. I have bills to pay because I'm a strong, independent woman who doesn't need a man to pay her bills. My fiance is absolutely wonderful through this process and has kept his cool even though we can survive on his income alone—I'm not the type who's OK with not working. Leave me at home for five days straight and you'll find that I have two new dogs, a bird and potentially a cat.

My first step started with (Hallelejuer!) where I began to apply for jobs that I thought sounded interesting and jobs that I thought my skill set would be useful for (Liam Neeson jokes are welcome here). I let my fear get the best of me and started applying for jobs that, in no freaking way, would I ever be OK with having. For instance, I was overqualified to be a nanny to a 2-year old in the Upstate of South Carolina. I accidentally applied for a nanny position—it's so easy with—but the boy was cute! I'm also overqualified to be a road construction flagman, orange and yellow aren't my colors. This is what happens to many people when they realize that they are "losing" their jobs. They start panicking and applying to anything and everything, myself included.

You can't tell people that "they are better than that" because that's an insult to those who have chosen those careers.

My advice to you: don't sell yourself short.

Just because you don't have the precise experience they are looking for doesn't mean you don't possess the ability to learn what is required to perform the job. Many companies, in my opinion, often forget that at some point they were in our shoes, too. They were the fresh-out-of-college rocking that fancy degree in a frame and looking for a company that would be willing to take a chance on them. I understand the ability to forget that you were once like us because you get caught in actually doing the job. I just hope that one day, all of us who are seeking jobs now will be able to remember what this exact feeling is like—panic, mania, desperation, etc. If we can remember what this is like, we can help other people succeed in the future.

I had to take a step back and figure out exactly what I wanted from a job and what path I wanted to take my career. After that, I decided to hire a career coach—mine is phenomenal by the way. She basically analyzed me and reprogrammed my brain to make me a lean, mean confident machine. I swear, career coaches do wonders for your confidence in a time like this. Now, I know I won't have a job in the future since mine is being eliminated, but I am much calmer and am able to seek out jobs in an entirely different way. I am more selective and confident in my abilities to perform the required job components. Never sell yourself short. One day, you may be the CEO...and when you are, don't forget all the little people who are in the position that you were once in. Instead of taking one direction, take a new direction.

Best wishes to all those job seekers out there. You are worth it. A company should want to hire you as much as you want to work for them.

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