Jesus Teaches Us To Hope, Even When Times Are Hard

Jesus Teaches Us To Hope, Even When Times Are Hard

Even after Easter, Jesus’ death and resurrection show us the incredible power of hope.

Jasper Boer

Even after celebrating Easter it is still important to remember what this holiday really means for our faith and our lives.

As Christians, we believe that Jesus died to save us from our sins. And on Easter morning he rose from the dead, demonstrating His power over sin and death. Jesus’ death and Resurrection on Easter Sunday show us the incredible power of hope.

How many times in our own lives are we depressed and despondent about our situation? Maybe we were passed over for a promotion we were counting on? Perhaps we lost a close friend? Maybe our job is not going the way we wish. Or we are still waiting and waiting for our significant other to come our way. It is so easy to lose hope and fall into despair that our lives will never turn out the way that we wish.

This is exactly what Jesus does not want to happen to us. In fact, Jesus knows what it is like to go through struggles just like what we suffer from. He too was betrayed by a close friend. He too suffered ridicule from those around Him.

The apostles also show how important it is to keep hope in our lives. Jesus literally died in front of them. Imagine how devastating and crushing this must have been for them who had believed that Jesus was the savior, the one who was sent to save them. So many lost hope and believed that it was all over. Jesus was buried in a tomb and they went on their way. On Easter Sunday when Mary came to spread the good news of Jesus’ rising, so many still did not believe.

Jesus wants so much more for us! He understands how difficult it is for us to keep faith and hope in difficult times. That’s why it is so important to reflect on the Easter story. Jesus struggled right alongside us. But he did not lose his hope in the purpose of his suffering. He knew what was to come for Himself and for us and He kept strong to fulfill His purpose.

We need to do the same. Even when difficult challenges arise in our lives. When things are tough, turn to God to make it through. He knows all our pain and our suffering and He wants to give us the hope to continue. Nothing is ever impossible with God. He overcame sin and death on Easter Sunday and he can turn around whatever struggles you experience in your own life. One single moment is enough to change your life. One day more and Jesus might have plans to turn your life completely around. It only takes hope and faith to believe that this is to come.

The Easter is all about hope. It teaches us to hope for the Resurrection, hope for happiness, and hope for better times. And we can find all that through Jesus, even after the Easter season is over.

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