'Jersey Shore' GIFs That Describe Your Semester Moments

18 Jersey Shore GIFs That Describe Your End-Of-Semester Moments

Fist pump your way to the end of the semester.


We all know that once midterms pass, the rest of the semester seems like one giant ball of stress and homework. The assignments are never-ending, you basically live in the library, and every so often, you consider just dropping out of school for good.

Every college student goes through these phases, and they happen every single semester. I'd rather be at the Jersey Shore than stuck in the library for hours upon hours, and I'm sure every college kid out there agrees with me.

But no worries; Vinny, Pauly D, Snooki, Jwoww, Mike the Situation, Deena, Ronnie, and Sammi Sweetheart are here to help us get to that light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing through, and Winter/Summer break will be here before you know it!

1. You're inhaling as much coffee as possible.

You have to stay awake and focused with finals coming up, and caffeine is the only solution.

2. When your friends ask you to go out and you agree, even though you have have so much homework to finish.

A break is always needed. What's better than a night out with your besties? The answer is always yes.

3. When you're seriously drowning in assignments.

The end of the semester means the homework never stops piling up, and everything seems to be due around the same time. There's not enough time in the day to finish it all.

4. Trying to study for finals.

Why can't my brain just remember every single thing I read?

5. When you consider dropping out.

Everyone gets to this point. Sometimes the stress gets to be too much, and you start thinking how much better you'd feel without having to go to class every day.

6. When your alarm goes off and you have to start the day.

I just want to lay in my bed ALL DAY. Why do I have to be a functioning adult? WHY?

7. When you can't stop stress eating.

Food makes everyone feel better. Late snacking becomes a serious problem when you're awake the whole night doing work.

8. When you've been in the library for 10 hours straight.

Around hour five is when the insanity starts kicking in. Remember to take a break at some point; your body needs it!

9. When you know there's no way to get your grade up by the end of the semester.

One of the worst realizations EVER. Sometimes you just have to take the L, no matter how much it hurts.

10. When you get to go to bed at a reasonable time.

This is such a rarity because usually your professors' assignments keep you awake at night. Enjoy it!

11. When the weekends seem to fly by.

Seriously? Why can't the week go by this quick?

12. When you can't help but have a mental breakdown.

You cry AT LEAST once or twice a semester. Sometimes everything gets too overwhelming, but it's okay to let out all that stress. It will make you feel better.

13. When you FINALLY finish all your work.

It may have seemed like you'd never be done, but you made it to this moment. It's one of the best feelings ever. Time to celebrate!

14. When your professor holds you until the last minute of class.

We're at the end of the semester. What more could you possibly teach me? Just let me go home!

15. When all your hard work pays off and you ace your finals.

Putting in those long hours in the library were actually worth it. Who would've thought?

16. When you have to say goodbye to your friends once the semester is over.

Not seeing your college besties every day is so hard to get used to. Cue the waterworks; this is one of the hardest goodbyes ever.

17. Realizing you still have to pack everything for break.

Damn it. You always end up packing every possible thing, so this could take a while.

18. When Summer/Winter Break finally arrives.

The light at the end of the tunnel is finally here. Enjoy your time off and be proud that you finally made it through another semester!

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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5 Things More Reliable Than Boys

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Ok, so we've all been there. You're talking to a guy and well...it's complicated. One day he acts like he's in love with you, and the next day, you're basically invisible to him. Throughout the years, I've learned that these kinds of guys aren't worth it; you deserve to be valued every single day. Plus, there are so many things in this world more reliable than boys. Here are some things I love that I know will always be there for me.

1. My best friends

Don't ever put boys over your true best friends. They are the ones that are really always there for you.

2. A good bottle of wine

Nothing says self-love by treating yourself to a quality bottle of wine. I love wine, and it loves me too.

3. Pizza

Pizza is definitely something you can always count on. I'll take it over boys any day.

4. My family

Through thick and thin, I know that my family always has my back. No matter how much I mess up, they will always love me.

5. My dog

Last but not least, my dog Bentley is DEFINITELY the best boy out there. He cuddles me, kisses me, and of course, runs to the door when I get home. I know he appreciates me, and I never have to question his unwavering loyalty to me.

Just remember that there is more to life than boys. If you are questioning if he's worth it, he probably isn't.

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