'Jersey Shore' Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Us, And Here's The Proof

'Jersey Shore' Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Us, And Here's The Proof

The world would be lost without our favorite Italians.


Finally, after what feels like years of abandonment, the notorious party-stricken wild ones are back. Our favorite meatballs and the boys who invented GTL are back and better than ever. Through the teasers, it's clear to see that although they got older, they sure didn't grow up.

From the self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" to "The Situation," their family and their drama has always been ours, too.

No matter how old we get, we just can't deny that we will always have room for them at Sunday night family dinner. So, buckle up, because, "We're going to Jersey Shore, b**tch."

Here are just 23 reasons why Jersey Shore will forever live on in our hearts.

1. T-shirt tiiiiiiime

Unhuman-like. Please don't try this at home.

3. Vinny

Enough said.

4. "The cabs are here!!!"

How else would we know when the cabs arrived?

5. Snooki and all that she is

Emphasis on the "all that she is." Remember when she thought everybody hated her?

6. JWoww's punches

Not that I condone this, but man, can she throw some punches.

7. The duck phone

*Cue the memory of Snooki not being able to figure it out*

8. The fistbump

Only the best dance move in the club.

9. The dramatic crying (especially Sammi's)

This speaks for itself.

10. The bromance

So. Much. Cuteness.

11. "Yeeeah buddy!"

12. The clubs

Yeah, you definitely have to be on their level of crazy (and drunk) to enjoy a club this wild. How did they get away with showing their kooka to the crowd or peeing behind the bar?

13. GTL

Gym. Tan. Laundry.

14. The grenades

Bring out the grenade horn.

15. Sunday night family dinners

Perhaps the most peaceful time in the house (usually).

16. The original "she's too young for you, bro"

I swear, they created all the best one-liners.

17. The meatballs

Oh, the meatballs. What would we do without the meatballs?

18. The "anonymous" note

Yes, you know the one. The anonymous letter from Snooki and JWoww telling Sammi about all that Ronny had done. Although their relationship was unhealthy, it's hard to admit that you haven't laughed while Sam and Ron fought like 13-year-olds.

19. Their nonsense take on the world

Meatball problem? Meatball power!

20. The cab rides

Sometimes the cab rides are more entertaining than the clubs.

21. The many faces of Pauly D

His facial expressions sum up exactly what we're thinking at all the right times.

22. That hot tub

Oh, the hot tub. Let's not forget that time that grenade's boob filler popped out while in the hot tub.

23. And this iconic moment

Never forget.

So cheers to a family vacation!

Life would be a lot more boring and a lot wiser without these wild ones gracing our screens. But no matter how stupid their actions are or how drunk they get, we just can't get enough of them. Here's to another season of our favorites!

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