Why Jeffree Star is the best beauty youtuber
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Jeffree Star Is The BOMBEST Bougie Beauty YouTuber And Can We Be Best Friends, Pls?

We all know he's bougie AF, with his designer clothes, Rolls Royce, and constant traveling, while usually, someone with that kind of money would seem majorly out of reach, he isn't.

Jeffree Star Is The BOMBEST Bougie Beauty YouTuber And Can We Be Best Friends, Pls?

The very first time I heard the name Jeffree Star was way back in 2012, back when he was still on the music scene. I didn't really listen to his music, but his name was distinctive, and when I heard about him again in 2016, I knew it had to have been the same person.

Now, I'll admit, I didn't start watching his videos because of his makeup expertise. It was the drama with Kat Von D that originally dragged me into Jeffree's world. However, the drama was fleeting, and once the dust settled, I realized that I had found a genuine gem. Although I only started being interested in wearing makeup about two weeks ago, Jeffree's videos were mesmerizing to me, and I just couldn't stop watching.

Jeffree himself is quite a character, to begin with. We all know he's bougie AF, with his designer clothes, Rolls Royce, and constant traveling. And while usually, someone with that kind of money would seem majorly out of reach, Jeffree doesn't come across that way. In his videos, he comes across as genuine and really wanting to help his fans find the best beauty products for them, which I love.

Another amazing thing about him is that he doesn't just sample the luxury brands. While Jeffree is definitely willing to drop $195 on a foundation, he also tries out the $5 highlighters from the drugstore. Every product is given equal opportunity, and he doesn't tell his fans to spend their money needlessly if there are products that work at a cheaper price.

One of my favorite types of videos that he does is the "Drugstore Vs. Luxury" videos, where he puts each product on half of his face to put them to the test. And he is not afraid to call out a brand for putting out a shoddy product, no matter who it is. He may be bougie, but Jeffree will not stand for a streaky lip product, whether it comes from Christian Louboutin or Wet n Wild.

On top of that, while Jeffree does have several videos about his own cosmetics line (and why wouldn't he? He's gotta get that advertising in somewhere!), he doesn't make his cosmetics out to be the end all, be all of the makeup. While his eyeshadow palettes may be sickening, he doesn't automatically knock down other makeup brands in favor of pushing his up higher. Instead, he gives credit where credit is due and just enjoys the product put out by other companies.

It's awesome to see someone with their own makeup line is very supportive of other makeup brands, especially when that support is directed at smaller indie brands, such as Storybook Cosmetics and Beauty Bakerie.

While I love all these things about Jeffree, my favorite thing about him is probably just his personality. He's a bit over the top, but he comes across like someone you could actually be friends with. Videos of his interactions with fans only further cement this idea, as he's more than willing to chat and take pictures with fans.

So yes, while there may be dozens upon dozens of beauty YouTubers out there, in my mind there is no doubt that Jeffree Star rules over them all.

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