Jeff Rosenstock At The Garage In Minnesota: Pictures, Performances, And Comments

You know it was a good show if you are still thinking about it over a week later. On July 18th, I attended Jeff Rosenstock's headlining show at The Garage in Burnsville, Minnesota and it was incredible!

The night began with two local Minnesota bands. Up first was a Minneapolis-based pop-punk band, Heart To Gold.

The trio really set the tone for the night with their high energy from the first note in their song, "Goku" to the last note in "Still Stuck." The crowd was into the set from the first song and began moshing and crowd surfing throughout the room.

If I were you I would keep an eye out for Heart To Gold because I guarantee they are headed places. Plus, you don't want to miss their fun and energetic set, I promise! (Check out Heart To Gold's "Still Stuck" EP on iTunes or purchase it here!

Following Heart To Gold was Remo Drive from Bloomington, Minnesota who I saw many people wearing T-Shirts for throughout the crowd!

I was lucky enough to ask them a few questions earlier this year and it helped me come to the conclusion that they are super cool dudes who truly love making music and sharing it with the world. I also asked the band who their musical influences are and one of them was Jeff Rosenstock himself so how awesome is it that they got to open for him!

Remo Drive has been blowing up around the Twin Cities lately and even joined the indie rock band, Hippo Campus on their tour this summer and fall.

From the moment that Remo Drive took the stage at The Garage, the crowd began moshing, crowd surfing, and screaming along the lyrics to their songs. The stand out songs were definitely, "Art School," "Strawberita," and "Yer Killin' Me." Check out the performance here:

The band created such a fun and energetic vibe throughout the room. About halfway throughout their set lead singer Erik mentioned that it was their drummer, Sam's birthday so the whole crowd screamed happy birthday to Sam. (Was it actually his real birthday though, nobody knows... I swear they sang to him at the past two shows I went to this past year but who knows man!)

I think everybody needed to sit down after their set because the whole room went absolutely crazy! This is another Minnesota band that I suggest you keep an eye out because they are already creating conversation all throughout the Twin Cities! Plus, the lead singer Erik wears a "Dad hat" which is absolutely amazing! (Check out Remo Drive's first full-length album, "Greatest Hits" on iTunes or Spotify or purchase it physically on their website!)

Taking the stage after the two local Minnesota bands was the singer-songwriter, Laura Stevenson from Brooklyn, New York!

Laura brought a completely new calm, beautiful and heartfelt vibe to the stage which was very much needed after the first two sets of crazy, fast paced, and fun pop-punk bands. The crowd definitely needed a rest from all of that moshing and crowd surfing!

A few highlights from Laura's set was the performance of her hit songs, "Claustrophobe," and "Runner." During both of the songs, the crowd was singing along and completely drawn in. Later in the set, her band members left the stage and she sang a few songs completely solo and it was beautiful. Laura's guitar solo was, of course, a highlight, it was amazing!

Laura's set ended with one of her hit songs, "Jellyfish," and it was the perfect closing to a well-played and beautiful set. Something that really stood out to me about Laura was that while she is performing you can see in her face and hear in her voice that she truly loves what she does. You can tell that she loves performing and sharing her life with everyone that her music touches and that is truly special and I am so glad that I was able to experience it. (Check out Laura Stevenson's full-length album, "Cocksure" on iTunes or Spotify or purchase it physically on her website!)

Around 9:00 headliner, Jeff Rosenstock took the stage and it was the moment that the whole crowd had been waiting for!

Jeff opened with, "We Begged 2 Explode" which got the crowd screaming the lyrics back at him right from the start which continued throughout the whole set.

A highlight of the set was when the band began cracking some jokes after somebody yelled one from the crowd. Another one was when the band played one of his hit songs, "Nausea." The crowd went absolutely crazy and was screaming the words so loud that I thought the roof was going to blow off the place!

When the band left the stage, the crowd screamed for more. They came back on stage for the encore and asked the crowd what song they would like to hear. He gave the options of “Twinkle” or “Darkness Records” and you could say the whole crowd screamed "TWINKLE!" instantly back at him. It was the perfect song to end the music-filled night with and the crowd left the venue with cheek-to-cheek smiles on their faces. Check out the performance here:

Jeff brought an immense amount of energy and passion to the stage and it never stopped. People had smiles on their faces, some were even crying, and some were crowd surfing from front to back and left to right nonstop throughout the entire set.

(Check out Jeff Rosenstock's music on iTunes or Spotify!)


Heart To Gold: Intro // Goku // H.I.C // Difficult // 2nd Song // Tokyo // Acne // Still Stuck

Remo Drive: Art School // Hunting For Sport // Strawberita // Eat S**t // I'm My Own Doctor // Name Brand // Yer Killin' Me

Laura Stevenson: Out With A Whimper // Happier Etc. // A Shine To It // Torch Song // Fine Print // Runner // The More // The Wheel // Life Is Long // Master of Art // The Healthy One // Jellyfish

Jeff Rosenstock: We Begged 2 Explode // Pash Pash // Rainbow // Festival Song // To Be A Ghost // Wave Goodnight To Me // Hey Allison! // Dramamine // I Did Something Weird Last Night // Blast Damage Days // Nausea // HELLLLHOOOOLE // June 21st // The Fuzz // …While You’re alive // Perfect Sound Whatever // You, In Weird Cities // Twinkle

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