Jealousy Prone
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Jealousy Prone

Another Jenn fanfic

Jealousy Prone

Jonathan was messing with Iyanna at lunch. Again. In everyone's eyes, it was practically flirting. Glenn couldn't help but feel a bit irritation consume him. Although it was never agreed upon verbally, Jonathan and Glenn were going out. No one at the table knew about their relationship, but they all should have somehow know that Jonathan was off limits. Especially Iyanna.

"Jon-A-Than." Iyanna said dragging out each syllable to show Jonathan that she was serious. Unfortunately, Iyanna still had a smile planted on her face so it was hard to take her seriously. "Imma need you to stop."

Jonathan simply flipped Iyanna's milk carton on its side with a smile of pure glee.

"Jonathan!" Iyanna shouted which made Jonathan just laugh. Jonathan enjoyed teasing Iyanna, so seeing her frustrated was funny to him.

Iyanna just sighed in a sort of defeated way and looked over to her right to look at the clock. Instead of looking at the time like she planned, she found herself faced with the rest of the table members grinning mischievously.

Glenn was the first to ask what everyone else wanted to know which was, "Are y’all fucking or nah?"

"Excuse me?!" Iyanna yelp. "We're not! You believe me, right, Teeci?"

Iyanna continued to plead to the rest of the table while Glenn glared at Jonathan who looked back at him with annoyance. This irritated Glenn even further, since Glenn should be the one annoyed and not Jonathan.

Glenn and Jonathan continued to glare at each other until Iyanna whined, "Gle~nn!" Glenn didn't mean to, but he glared at Iyanna and Iyanna immediately stopped all movements. Her ever-present smile fell from her face and her eyes filled with fear.

Glenn, realizing Iyanna was scared, soften his looks and before he could apologize, Iyanna turned away and put her focus back on the assignment she was working on before Jonathan bothered her. Teeci, of course, asked her what's the matter, but Iyanna simply shook her head as if that was an answer.

When Teeci asked Glenn what was wrong with Iyanna, he foreigned innocence and brought up a random story.


"Why did you do that?" Jonathon asked Glenn as they were leaving school. Glenn tried to speed out the building, but of course since Jonathan's legs were longer than Glenn's, Glenn's speed walk was the same pace as Jonathan's regular walk. Needless to say that Jonathan kept up with Glenn easily much to Glenn's chagrin.

"Do what?"

"Ask if Iyanna and I were fucking," responded with an already pissed off.

"Including you?" Glenn didn't reply as he turned opposite of the direction of Anacostia station to head home. Jonathan followed and once they reached the opposite of the direction of Anacostia station to head home. Jonathan followed and once they reached the other side of the street, Jonathan grabbed Glenn's upper arm. Glenn snatched it away and kept walking away up the sidewalk.

"Why are you following me?!"

"'Cuz you're not answering my question."

"I already answered it."

"No, you didn't."

Jonathan got tired and frustrated for following the difficult Glenn, so he threw down his duffle bag on the sidewalk and ran in front of Glenn to successfully cut off Glenn's route. Glenn throws off his backpack to the sidewalk as well in preparation to fight.

"Just answer the question," Jonathan pleaded. "Do you honestly believe I'm fucking Iyanna or nah?"

"I dunno and I honestly don't care," Glenn replied with a hint of venom hidden.

"Are we going out or nah?"

"How many times I gotta tell you I'm not gay."

"So what?!" Jonathan yelled. "I'm not either, but that don't mean-!"

"What's up, cuz?" Delonte asked as he came up from behind Glenn. Jonathan was too immersed in getting Glenn to talk to him that he forgot they were out in the open and he didn't notice that Delonte walked up on them.

At Jonathan's holt, Glenn hurried up to grab his backpack and hurry past Jonathan. Luckily Jonathan doesn't call out for Glenn (most likely because Delonte is there), but Glenn kind of wanted Jonathan to keep fighting for his thoughts.

No! Jonathan needed to figure it out on his own. Even if Glenn doesn't explicitly say how he feels, Jonathan should know. Besides, he's the one who made him feel this way in the first place.


She's the reason why Glenn and Jonathan were having a fight in the first place. Maybe a fight was exaggerating it. It was more like a cold fight where they didn't speak to each other more than necessary and there was tension. Either way she was still the cause of it, so why did Glenn pull her into the boy's bathroom and locked the door?

Glenn couldn't take any more of the silent treatment from Jonathan (even though he was giving Jonathan the same), so he panicked as soon as he saw Iyanna. Iyanna wasn't really his first choice in people to open up to, but Delonte is a dick, Talia would make the situation worst, and Teeci just gets too emotional sometimes (though he still loved her).

Glenn soon realized why Iyanna wasn't his first choice. She held her books to her chest, stood awkwardly, and looked plain scared. Iyanna was so easy to read that it didn't take Glenn, the people expert, too long to figure out that Iyanna was still afraid that Glenn hated her.

Last time he ignored her for 3 days it was obvious that it tore her inside. Glenn despised the fact that Iyanna is a chronic liar and couldn't look anyone straight in the face.

All that didn't matter in this moment! Glenn just needed to get some frustration off his chest. He didn't need to get some frustration off his chest. He didn't need Iyanna to say a word; just listen.

"I'm going out with Jonathan," Glenn started. Iyanna's eyes widen in shock, but they quickly looked away and tried to calm down. "Or at least I think I am, but that doesn't matter. I need to know. Are you-"

"NO!" she practically shouted at Glenn as she shook her head to overly emphasize. Iyanna immediately slightly blushed at the fact that she shouted. Glenn could tell she was telling the truth seeing as Iyanna wasn't a good liar.

"Jonathan's been ignoring me lately because I won't tell him if we're going out or not," Glenn continued. "I'm not gay, but he says he's not either. I don't even know what that fucking means!"

"You don't have to have a certain," Iyanna stated before she was glared at. Although Iyanna looked away scared, she still continued. Another aspect Glenn didn't like, but admired.

"You don't have to be a certain sexual orientation to go out with someone."

"Then why do they even have sexual orientations if that's the case?! That's stupid!"

"It's not stupid. Not everything is black and white or fit in a pretty bowed book. Maybe you're just Jonathan-sexual." How the hell does she make sense of a confusing situation? "Or Jonathan-romantic if you guys aren't like that...yet." Iyanna joked with a smirk to lighten the mood.

"Shut up," Glenn mumble as he pinched Iyanna's cheeks. She laughed.

"Plus you already answered his question...just not to him," Iyanna added.

"When?" Glenn didn't remember.

"It was the first thing you said when you pulled me in here." Glenn didn't even realize he said it. He just said it, so why couldn't he tell Jonathan the same?

"Wait here," Iyanna demanded as she turned to unlock the bathroom door.

"Where are you going?"

"Class," she said matter-of-fact, "but first imma get Jonathan. You guys need to talk." Before Glenn could stop her, she already slipped out the bathroom. Glenn panicked. What the fuck would he even say?! Wanna go out?

"Iyanna said-" Jonathan started as he slipped in the bathroom before Glenn cut him off.

"You're mine. Get it? Got it? Good." Jonathan just laughed slightly through his nose. Glenn hated when he did that...but only a bit.

"Got it," Jonathan confirmed.

"So don't fuck anyone else," Glenn demanded.

"Only you."

"Perv." Not that Glenn minded.

"But I'm your perv."

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