10 Perfect Dates For You And Your S.O. In Jacksonville

Jacksonville Beach at Night –

Drive down Beach Blvd until you hit the roundabout and public parking, then you are set for a very romantic evening. Strolling along the beach, or getting a blanket and stargazing is peaceful, quite and alone. The beach is often sporadically filled with other lovebirds, so it is easy to find a spot of your own. Bonus points for the partner who brings something to munch on and extra blankets for cuddling.

Town Center for Dinner –

This shopping center adjacent to UNF’s campus makes for an easy date night. With dining options as cheap as McDonalds to Capital Grille, there is a place for every budget. For a nice evening stroll, head to the roundabout by Maggianos and walk the nicely lit walk. Pro Tip: Kilwins will serve you up a nice waffle cone of the best ice cream for buy-one-get-one on Wednesdays.

Bone Beach –

Nestled in the Talbot Island area this beach is a natural cove of picture perfect. Stroll along a beach filled with large (very large) pieces of driftwood and enjoy a sunny afternoon. Make sure to watch the tide schedule, as the shore can get very narrow during high tide.

Jacksonville Zoo –

The zoo, though one of the pricier places on this list, is an excellent source of laughter and entertainment. Two could spend the majority of their day here or just a couple of hours, there are plenty of animals to gaze at. The reptile exhibits scattered throughout the park make for excellent goosebumps. If either of you is an animal lover, this is a must!

AMC Theater –

Movies are an obvious date idea and for good reason. This staple date helps fill a couple of hours by making you laugh or cry together. If you know a good movie coming up that you might want to see with your significant other try AMC Theater by Regency Mall. This theater not only student discounts but also has reclining seats. In pairs. With movable arm rests. So go.

Jacksonville Theater –

If a movie is too mainstream for you, then try the San Marco Theater. This theater puts on locally cast productions that are extremely well done. They rotate plays monthly, so it is worth checking the calendar to see what will be playing the over the semester. If you purchase your tickets ahead of time, you can get u to 50% off for being a student, so it isn’t as pricey as one might think.

Ice Skating –

Tired of the heat? Ready to embrace the ice? Even if you can’t skate, or have never tried, the rink is totally worth trying out. It is great opportunity to try something new or show off, and either way it is impossible not to smile and enjoy the coolness and gliding. College Nights on Tuesday make it a cheap and easy weekday date.

Museums –

Jacksonville has growing riverside and downtown that is graced with both the Cummer and MOCA. If you like more traditional art, the Cummer is for you. They have a gorgeous garden as well, which provides for a nice afternoon stroll location. MOCA, on the other hand, is a more abstract but is sure to please. Both have times that are free for anyone with a UNF ID.

Suns Baseball –

There is nothing more American than catching a baseball game. A hot dog, cracker jacks, and rooting for the home team is the perfect way to spend a night with your other half. Because it is Minor League, tickets are relatively inexpensive and the crowds are a little less rowdy. In addition, Friday night home games are followed by a spectacular fireworks production.

Jacksonville Arboretum –

For the nature lover inside of you, this is the date for you. The large wooded park has lots of trails of varying lengths, a lake for picnics, and animal sighting opportunities. The park provides a diverse atmosphere of palmettos, woods, and marsh. If you aren’t ready for a mountain trek, have no fear. The trails are all well maintained and easy on the legs.

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