Jar Bar Makeup Is An All Natural Source Of Beauty
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Jar Bar Makeup Is An All Natural Source Of Beauty

What you put on your skin matters.

Jar Bar Makeup Is An All Natural Source Of Beauty
Jar Bar Makeup

Jar Bar Makeup is a luxurious pure mineral makeup line that includes a wide range of products to enhance beauty and make application easy, based in Deerfield, Illinois. Each product is been thoughtfully chosen by the founder Jennifer Bobay. Jennifer’s philosophy and teaching revolves around Mindful Makeup because she believes “What’s in your jar matters.” “Mindful Makeup means women need to understand what they are putting on their face and how to properly apply makeup to enhance their natural beauty,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer began the line with the mineral makeup kits, known as the “Little Black Kits” which contains mineral foundations, blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, and highlighters.

I was so excited to receive my "Little Black Kit" from Jar Bar Makeup!

The other products in the original launch are the Check and Lip Tints. “This was personal to me,” says Jennifer. “My grandmother always wore cream rouge.” The Lip Gloss line is important to Jennifer. “I am always amazed when I see a woman applying lip gloss in the mirror. Regardless of age, they always smile when they see their shiny lips. I think it is so important for women to smile at themselves and see what is beautiful.”

Not only is Jar Bar a mineral makeup line, Jar Bar doubles as skin care. Unlike many products on the market, Jar Bar is able to highlight what ingredients are "not" part of the products. This highlights the phrase, “What’s in your jar matters!”

All Jar Bar products are manufactured to meet very high quality standards to not only provide wonderful coverage, but a beneficial addition to your skin care regimen. All ingredients are natural, free of harsh chemicals, and common skin irritants. Some benefits of the products include anti-inflammatory action, natural SPF, and anti-aging ingredients . All Jar Bar Makeup is Paraben-free, Certified Gluten Free, and free of synthetic fragrances and dyes. The Jar Bar line also includes several Vegan friendly products that are made in America.

Set Apart

One of the greatest aspects of Jar Bar Makeup is their customer service. Jar Bar offers clients the opportunity to color match based on individual preferences and complexion types. “When we decided to create an online store, I knew that we would need a way to communicate with our clients and offer suggestions and advice. To help people find the correct makeup shades, we use a color-matching survey with an option to send in a picture. Our clients will answer some simple questions that assist the Jar Bar team to match a person with a beautiful mineral foundation color. This is usually the first step as we also offer suggestions for all of our products if clients have additional questions,” says Jennifer.

Clients that prefer a packaged set of options have the ability to take The Color-Matching Survey.

Teaching Others Through Jar Bar University

Jar Bar University is a key part of the mission of Jar Bar Makeup, empowering women of all ages to become their own makeup artist. Having beautiful products means very little if people are not sure how to apply them. Jennifer wanted to develop a section on the Jar Bar website that provides information and tools needed to confidently apply everything from the ‘natural look’ to the latest trends. “We will be adding more makeup application videos over time. When we launched Jar Bar University in January of 2016, we began with a video on the Little Black Kit of Mineral Makeup, because I think the kits are a perfect introduction to the mineral powders and our line. Another great video was filmed by our intern, Emily Bagg, on the ‘Simple Smokey Eye.’ That video demonstrates a technique I developed essentially creating an everyday smokey eye that is a bit understated. Currently, we are working on a video highlighting our World Traveling Lip Glosses and then we will focus on a 'How To' video for our palettes. Education is a very important piece of Jar Bar’s overall mission.”

Giving Back For Joy

During her father’s fight against brain cancer, Jennifer noticed his compassion for children battling the same illness. Jennifer used facebook to find these stories, and found Jessie. Jessie Rees was an amazing 12-year-old girl who focused on spreading hope, joy and love to other kids fighting cancer in the form of JoyJarsTM. These jars contained fun, love, and toys to send hope to other children fighting cancer. Jessie personally send over 3,000 JoyJars TM. during her own fight. To date over 100,000 JoyJarsTM. have been sent with love.

In honor of Jennifer’s father and Jessie’s legacy, Jar Bar will be donating 20 percent of sales from the Jessie lip gloss, Jessie lipstick and Jessie nail polish. These products will be part of the launch of Jar Bar Makeup’s spring line and are beautiful shades of pink, the color chosen by Jessie’s parents.

Visit Jar Bar Makeup to find the perfect fit for you!

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