Why I Want To Carpool With James Corden
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Why I Want To Carpool With James Corden

Karaoke, duh.

Why I Want To Carpool With James Corden

Santa Monica Pier, Malibu, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach. What do all of these places have in common (other than being in Los Angeles)? They all are famous for being extremely overcrowded and full of traffic. The only bad thing about living in Los Angeles is the never-ending traffic. Los Angeles is one of the only places where a five-minute trip to the grocery store can easily turn into a 30-minute ordeal. Getting to work every day is an adventure all on its own, and LaCienaga Blvd can be either your best friend or worst enemy.

One celebrity has figured out the panacea to the horrific LA traffic. James Corden, the hilarious British comedian, has somehow managed to make the terrible commute less painful. He casually invites a friend to join him on his way to work to ease the pain, and get a free pass into the coveted carpool lane. Corden, being the well-connected comedian that he is, luckily has more entertaining driving companions than most, due to the fact that they are all celebrity artists. Some of his companions have been Justin Bieber, Sia, Adele, Jennifer Hudson, One Direction, Carrie Underwood, Jason Derulo, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Mariah Carrie, and Elton John.

Long story short, every week he takes videos of his car rides with different celebrities and they are nothing short of hilarious on "Carpool Karaoke." He always plays music and you get to see every artist jam out to their own songs. If you haven’t seen these videos, please go on YouTube and watch them now.

Here are the highest ranked Carpool Karaoke videos.

1. Justin Bieber.

Although he has appeared on James’ videos more than any other artist, his 3 videos are still not enough. Justin Bieber will charm you over with his killer dance moves, fashion advice, and Rubik's Cube abilities.

2. One Direction.

Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall in one car is any girl's dream, but it's just a casual day for James Corden. Listen to them jam out to "Best Day Ever" with Harry in lead vocals. It is a video you will not soon forget.

3. Jason Derulo.

Jason’s inner player is revealed in this video. It is also revealed that he was an opera singer, and his voice doesn't disappoint. For now, though, we still prefer his hit single, “Talk Dirty to Me.” Next time you're in Hollywood on a star’s tour, keep your eyes open because Jason Derulo might be your next tour guide.

4. Adele.

While driving around in London, this up close and personal view of Adele is amazing. Not only do you get to hear about her drunken stories at a pub in England, but also get to see her sing all of her hits in unison with James, as well as perform an original rap.

Even though James Corden may not be a professional singer, his musical talents rival those of some of these Grammy winning artists. Stay tuned for more of his famous "Carpool Karaoke" videos.

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