Everyone should recognize the name Jake Peralta. Jake Peralta is the main character on NBC's popular sitcom, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and he is widely adored by the audience for his sense of humor and good intentions—even though he has a habit of being childish and messing up a lot.

But regardless of how you view Jake, there are more than a handful of reasons why Jake is a wonderful boyfriend—and why we should look for more people like Jake Peralta in our lives.

1. He is loyal.

Whether it's to his precinct or his friends or his family, Jake Peralta has your back.

2. He is hilarious.

Everyone loves a good sense of humor, and Jake is known for his quick wit and funny banter.

3. He'll go out of his way to impress your parents.

I mean, Jake literally makes a binder full of information to know about Amy's father…

4. He'll try out the things you like—even when he's not sure he'll enjoy them.

And now, like Amy, he is a massive "Harry Potter" fan!

5. He understands when he messes up, apologizes, and tries to fix the mistake.

Even when he screws up, he has good intentions!

6. He educates himself on the issues around him and recognizes his privilege.

Aware and willing to learn? He's a keeper for sure!

7. He goes above and beyond what is required of him.

Jake literally stays up all night to solve a case when he knows it upsets Terry. His determination is unmatched.

8. He isn't afraid to express his emotions and be romantic.

He has a way with words for sure.

9. His devotion knows no bounds.

Jake was willing to quit the job he loved to be with Amy! Honestly, what a guy.

In conclusion, we need more people like Jake Peralta in this world.