Poetry On Odyssey: Jailhouse Heartbeat

Goosebumps on my skin when he begins,

Disheveled and unkept,

No schedule or routine

His raspy voice deems him a lion

And as such, he has lived in a cell

He broke free and now his life is on a stage

The breaks in his growl tell me what he has experienced:


An hour passes yet he remains

However this time he is different

He is a river, turning the bends with no effort

When I look at him,

It is his energy that shows me the truth:


It comes from behind that facade

The facade of not giving a damn and never letting it show.

He punches the instrument which is strapped around his frame with

a ball of fire in place of his hand.

And he has ignited the places where everyone hides

Time seems to stop.

He makes his rounds with every soul in this place

calling them his own,

engulfing them in flames

And I see it:


He is going to take everyone in here

But, no one is putting up a fight.

He notices this too because he turns towards me,

His gaze sets a fire

It burns everything.

The cage that once surrounded us is gone, disintegrated into the ground

It is he and I left of what we used to be

But now this is the life we have

Just like we all wanted, what we had went there for:

A life full of blues.

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