Syllabus Week 101: A Survivor's Guide
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Student Life

Syllabus Week 101: A Survivor's Guide

It's time to get a little bit sylly

Syllabus Week 101: A Survivor's Guide

I don’t know if it’s the chaos of Quad Day or watching freshmen walk into their first frat party, but there’s definitely something different in the air during syllabus week. Whether it’s the first time stepping foot on your college campus or you’re starting your senior year, nobody is ever truly prepared for these jam-packed seven days. So put on your lanyard and follow these tips for the best syllabus week yet.

Hold onto your syllabus

It may seem like common sense to not lose your syllabus during syllabus week, but it’s much easier said than done. If it’s in an email: save it. If it’s on paper: put it somewhere safe. There’s no worse feeling than not being prepared for a test or missing an assignment because you simply forgot about it. Guard that thing with your life because you never know when you’ll need it!

Create a routine

Syllabus week really gives us a chance to discovery the awkward or long gaps during the day and find ways to be proactive. For example, during one-hour breaks I typically catch up on quick homework or grab a bite to eat. Longer breaks allow for more strenuous activities, such as going to the gym or meeting with a group for a project. It’s helpful to plan out your semester routine early in the year so you have a rough outline of how much time you have to complete something in between classes.

Don't stress the name game

Freshmen, this one’s for you. Before classes even start, there is an overwhelming amount of people you will meet all at once all over campus. But here’s the nice thing: nothing bad will happen if you don’t remember every single one of them. Stressing over remembering names and faces is totally not worth it during syllabus week. If a friendship forms out of a random handshake or seat in class, that’s great! And if not, that’s ok too. Freaking out over being friends with everyone will only result in more freaking out, so just embrace the short introductions and make the best out of it!

Know your limits

Let’s be real: syllabus week is the week to party your guts out because there are barely any academic responsibilities. As fun as a night out during this week is, peeing on the street at 3 am or waking up with a black eye is definitely not worth it. Every year you hear stories about that one girl or guy that went a little too hard on a Wednesday night, and they don’t hear the end of it until winter break. My advice to you? Don’t be that person!

Try something new

If you’ve been on campus for three years or two days, there’s always a chance to try something new. Syllabus week is the perfect time to explore your options because every club is trying to promote themselves. Does the month of October make you feel all warm inside? Join the October Lover’s club! Have an excellent sense of balance? Try tight roping! If you’re scared to join alone, drag a friend along with you. Who knows? Even if you don’t like the club you’ll still meet a bunch of new people and have a cool experience to share!

Actually meet your professors

Even though the first day of class can be intimidating, it’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to your professor. Whether it’s a 10-person class or there are 500 people in the lecture hall, giving your professor your name and a smile goes a long way. If you really want to get to know your professor, introductions are only the starting point. Remember that syllabus we are never supposed to lose? That will come in handy when figuring out office hours and contact information. Even if you don’t necessarily need a ton of help in a class, just visiting during office hours for a quick chat will make you very memorable and will help a lot in the long run.

Most importantly, have fun!

Syllabus week is the one week a semester that we don’t have to stress about exams or intense homework, so it’s only fair that we take advantage of such a blessing. Go out, meet friends, and make some bad decisions. This is the time to make all those things a priority and put the learning on the backburner. So have a blast, because although we act like it could last forever, it’s only seven short days!

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