It's The Most Awkward Time Of The Year!
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It's The Most Awkward Time Of The Year!

Awkward people share awkward holiday encounters

It's The Most Awkward Time Of The Year!

When I think of holidays, I think of going home to the smell of Christmas tree and the sweet treats, along with the gathering of family and friends. I think of all of the laughter and fun we will create and share. With the sweet memories we create, however, come those awkward family members or situations that sometimes make the holidays unforgettable. Not necessarily good - but unforgettable nonetheless. I know that I can name a few memories that were awkward for me; I also asked a few people to share an awkward holiday memory with me (and you). Here's what they had to say...

Abbey, Midland:

“One time we were making Christmas dinner and my dog knocked the turkey off of the counter and the turkey and turkey juice went everywhere. So my mom went to clean it up and she slipped and fell on the floor and then my dog started humping her. My grandpa went to go help her up and he was laughing so hard his dentures came loose…”

Never forgettable for sure, but I'm sure your mom never wants to look at turkey again...

Julie, Columbus:

“I was playing football with my cousins who are all boys and I wanted to prove to them that I could play at their level, I guess. I got the football and turned around and ran dead into a tree and I woke up inside with no tooth and then I had to take family pictures. I also think I blacked out for a little bit after I hit the tree because I hit it really hard.”

Well Julie, I guess all you wanted for that Christmas were your missing teeth!!

Rachel, Auburn:

So the transition from going from biological family’s house to step-family’s house is always an awkward one. So we went from Montgomery to Lineville to celebrate Christmas there. They do presents where everyone in the family (extended and everything) sit in a circle and unwrap gifts one-person one gift at a time. So it comes to my dad’s turn to open his gift and they wrapped up a tin of mixed peanuts. Mixed peanuts. So watching him try to act excited about MIXED PEANUTS was by far the most awkward Christmas experience ever.”

This is like that vine… “Oh look! An avocado… Thanks…” What a nutty experience for sure!

DiQuan, Jacksonville:

“One time I went to a holiday party. The tension was really high anyway, so this guy thought it would be a great idea to loosen the mood by playing a prank on one of our friends. So he poured a little bit of vegetable oil on the floor, and not even 3 minutes later, the friend he was pranking came in and slid across the kitchen floor, landing flat on her butt. Before they could clean up the mess, the host of the party came storming in (she was in a fight with her boyfriend) and literally did the superman across the floor. She went running for the hills and everyone fled her house, for it turned into a pathway of fury!! We’ve never stopped laughing about it, and we’ve never gone back to the host’s house.”

Good thing Soulja Boy taught us how to superman years ago, or else that could’ve really hurt, am I right?!

Kelly, Columbus:

As my grandparents were walking up the 3 steps that are in front of our front door, my grandpa tripped and fell. Of course after my grandma sees the attention my grandpa got, she decided to throw herself down the same steps. They refused to come inside after that and decided that they were going home. So as we finally sat down to eat Christmas dinner, we get a call from grandma… somehow they hit a curb not even 5 miles from our house and blew out their front tire. I spent my Christmas on the side of the road while my dad and grandpa had to change the tire while my grandma cried about how WE ruined Christmas…”

Well, sounds like you’ve got the Grandma who stole Christmas!! Except I’m guessing her heart didn’t grow three sizes that day?

Happy Holidays, y’all! And remember, don't get your tinsel in a tangle and let the awkwardness begin!

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