Most of the time, we are told to keep our heads held high in order to be considered happy and in order to make ourselves happy. While yes, we must keep our heads held high. It also must be stated that it is okay to let your head hang and cry. Showing emotions and working through our problems will help us learn from our mistakes. No matter what. The ideology that showing emotions is weak is unrealistic and should not be portrayed over social media or be taught to children. Boy's and Girls alike.

I have learned over the years that bottling up your emotions and keeping them inside does not only make you feel worse, but it can also lead to mental illness and change the way you can interact with people. Since I have started working through my issues and understanding that it is okay to cry and scream into a pillow once in a while has given me the strength and motivation to go out into the work and experience life to the fullest. Something you cannot do without the tears and the anxieties that come with living.

Without these trials and tribulations, we cannot learn from our mistakes or others. We need to go through hard times in order to be happy and understand life and the way things work. Yes, we can be happy without going through anything ourselves, But these experiences and loved one's experiences we cannot understand and go through life.

The rainbow always comes after the rain. You just have to see the rain and understand that it is temporary and can go away, no matter your situation there is always a way to make it to that rainbow. Whether it is talking to someone you trust or some sort of creative outlet, you always have a choice.

It is okay to cry, it is okay to have bad days, without these bad days, we cannot enjoy our happy days.

Love yourself and Love others.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.