As high school seniors begin graduating, I can guarantee they will hear about how they should have cherished that final year more and how they will regret counting down the days until their childhood education is over. I'm here to be totally honest with all those seniors — it is 100% OK to be excited to leave. Maybe you'll regret that excitement, maybe you won't, I can't tell you for sure.

But I can tell you this — the best is yet to come! College classes are way harder, you have to make completely new friends, and you are no longer living at home. But I can tell you from personal experience, no matter how insane those obstacles sound, they will shape you into the best version of yourself! Plus, college is 1,000 times more fun — from the uplifting school spirit to the free food, college has the one-up.

I can also say from personal experience, though, high school is not the best four years of everyone's lives. Yes, there are unforgettable moments (hopefully for the best) and irreplaceable friends, but not everyone loves it as a whole. It's just that simple. And no senior should ever feel guilty about being excited to run out of their high school and never look back if that's what makes them happy!

The future after your senior year is terrifying, but there are so many amazing opportunities awaiting around the corner, and dwelling on the past is nothing but a wall blocking those blessings from landing in YOUR lap!

So, for the love of your bright futures and glowing happiness, keep in touch with those irreplaceable friends (I'm definitely glad I did), enjoy the lighter course load, say a heartfelt goodbye to the teachers who made a tremendous impact on your life during those four years, but if you are excited to get out of there, then BE EXCITED.

Don't dwell in every waking moment of your senior year if it's just going to bring you misery; don't pretend to love something you think everyone else does. And, for the love of everything, do not pretend to be sad to leave high school if you are actually bursting with excitement for the unbelievably amazing things the future has in store for you!

To all the high school seniors out there: If those four years were just not your cup of tea, there are four more ahead that hold much more delight than you could ever possibly imagine, so be hella excited for it — no matter what anyone else says!