It's Not Just The Camera

Whether Snapchats, selfies, or random shenanigans, everyone takes multiple pictures a day. With all of the technology now available to us there’s less of a need to hire a photographer. Not only does this limit photographers' customers, it puts people out of a job. Photography is not as easy as you think.

I’ve heard people say, “[insert name here] only takes good pictures because she has a good camera” Sure, it definitely helps to have a nice camera and a good lens, but that’s just the beginning. A lot of people have nice cameras, but that doesn’t make them a photographer. The auto setting is great for beginners, but amazing things happen once you know how to use your camera.

Photos taken on auto can sometimes be overexposed or washed out and when you auto focus it may focus on the wrong thing. Adjusting your own aperture, shutter, white balance, and IOS helps you achieve the right look you want.

And you are not even close to being done once you take the picture. Now it’s time to edit it. While editing the picture you need to adjust contrast, highlights, shadows, balance the colors, sharpen it, etc until you like the outcome.

You don’t necessarily need a good camera either. If you know how to properly take a picture from your iPhone you can get some great pictures. Sure they won’t be as good as using a nice camera, but they can still wow people.

Photography isn’t just about having an expensive camera.
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