It's A Long Distance Thing

It's A Long Distance Thing

“Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.”


It’s a long distance thing; you won’t understand. I’m not saying this to be nice; I’m instead saying this with complete seriousness. You have never experienced any relationship even remotely close to long distance, so your complaining when you’re apart from someone you love for a day really sets me off. However annoyed I might be at your complaining, I am proud to say that long distance has made me a strong, independent individual.

Due to being in a long distance relationship, I am able to have more appreciation when I do get to spend time with the person I love. Only seeing each other once a week can be very challenging; however, when we do see each other, we are able to make it all worthwhile because it is such a rare occurrence. I appreciate the time we spend together, and I look forward to it all week long. You see your significant other almost everyday; therefore, the time you spend together isn’t cherished as much as if you were to only see each other once a week.

Being in a long distance relationship has ensured me that our relationship can survive anything. I’ve experienced the worst of the lows and the best of the highs through the phone. You’ve probably experienced these days with your significant other right next to your side. I, however, have not. Because of this, I know that if I can survive a month filled with chaos and the worst of the lows without the person I love right there, our relationship can survive whatever God throws at us. We can handle it all because of long distance.

Long distance has made me so excited for the future. Because of long distance, my appreciation for my significant other and our ability to survive it all, I know that my relationship holds nothing but success in the future. I am excited to take the next step in my life and move my long distance relationship to a non long distance relationship. The many milestones and memories our future holds will always stem from the fact that we were once in a long distance relationship.

It’s a long distance thing; you won’t understand. I can express the benefits of my long distance relationship over and over to you again, but you’ll never understand it. You may think your relationship is challenging at times, but until you experience my long distance relationship, you’ll never understand what a truly great challenge is like. I love my long distance relationship. It is what has created my future.
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