11 Reasons 'Tech Week' Is Also Called 'Hell Week'
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11 Reasons 'Tech Week' Is Also Called 'Hell Week'

What all college students go through during the tech week process.

11 Reasons 'Tech Week' Is Also Called 'Hell Week'

Tech week in theatre is the week before a show opens when all the technical aspects are added to the rehearsal process. It is a very stressful time for all those involved from designers to directors to crew members to cast members.

This week consists of late nights, cue to cues which is when the show is run by the sound and light cues, and dress rehearsals when costumes and makeup come into play. Things are constantly changing during the process to make sure that cues are perfected, colors work together, and the show becomes as polished as it can be. The combination of late nights and the stress of fixing things takes a toll on everyone. While all those involved love what they do, the amount of work put into the process of tech week drains everyone’s energy. The finished product is well worth the work to get there though.

All those who have ever been involved in a tech week in college have experienced a lot of the same things.

1. You become a ball of stress.

2. Sleep is rare and exhaustion is consuming.

3. Your life revolves around the show.

4. You joke that the theatre is your home.

5. Your roommates wonder where you are.

6. Your homework gets completed very late at night.

7. Your alarm clock is your worst enemy.

8. The inside jokes run rampant.

9. Caffeine becomes a necessity.

10. You freak out when you think you are getting sick and do everything to stay healthy.

11. Nerves grow as opening night looms closer.

So next time your friend tells you that they are involved in tech week, remember what they are probably going through.

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