No matter how old you are or how organized you think your life is, there is always going to be some point when your bedside table is covered in pretty much everything you own. Now I know most of that may just seem like junk, but each thing (or collection of things) says something about you.

1. A bunch of empty water bottles.

You ten to live a healthy lifestyle and try to avoid staying in bed too long. You know the importance of staying hydrated and probably drink a whole bottle every time you wake up in order to start your day the right way.

2. A bunch of water bottles with varying amounts of water in them.

You try to live a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes fall short. You also are not a fan of finishing things. You probably have a list of shows on Netflix that you haven't finished, and a stack of books that have a chapter or two left in them.

3. A reusable water bottle.

You definitely have the cleanest room of your friends. All of your clothes are from thrift stores and you love your metal straws. Your also the one that hosts all the parties and girls nights.

4. A bunch of soda cans or soda bottles.

This one is totally me so I'm not attacking anyone when I say this, but you could probably drink a lot more water than you do. You spend the better part of your day in bed, but you don't really do anything in bed. You just lay there.

5. A bunch of to-go cups.

You definitely either eat out or order food for every meal because you're too busy to go grocery shopping or cook. You also probably forget which cup is new enough to drink out of in the morning so you've probably drunk a lot of flat soda in your time.

6. Stacks of plates and bowls.

You live in bed. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. You probably live in a small apartment or your room just doesn't have a desk (or if it does, it's being used to store some stuff). You do all your work and all your play in bed and you wouldn't have it any other way.

7. Assorted jewelry, keys and other things from your pockets.

You are really busy and probably don't have time at the end of the day to have a nighttime routine. You probably get home from work or school or whatever you had to do that day and instantly go to bed, so everything from your pockets just makes its way onto your nightstand.

8. Stacks of books.

Your bed is covered in blankets and pillows and is probably the most comfortable bed for miles around. You use your bed to unplug from the world, so technology probably isn't in abundance in your bedroom or near your bed.

9. Finally, instead of having a nightstand, you just throw everything onto the side of the bed that you don't sleep on.

This is pure chaos. I have totally been here before but it is not good. You definitely wake up covered in crumbs from whatever food you forgot was in your bed the night before. You tend to run a few minutes late to pretty much everything, but you're the life of the party so people don't really mind.

Please use this as a reminder to clean off your nightstand so you don't attract any bugs.