Newsflash: It [Doesn't] Work!

A quick apologize in advance to my friends heavily involved in the business…. But it has to be said.

Sure, to you it’s the best thing ever, you get some products, you take pictures-literally everywhere of you using said products, and then force your friends to try them, and wham- you just made money. It’s easy and ideal for the busy college student, but it’s really annoying- like really annoying to all of your social media friends. I can’t go on Facebook or Instagram without running into at least 4298842 ItWorks! posts- and every day it seems another friend has joined this “amazing journey."

Trust me, I’m just like you- a struggling college student with a shopping addiction and little income, but I’m not going to exploit my social media trying to scheme my friends. I’m trying to become a blogger, but I’m not bombarding you with it am I? You don't see MaryKay, Avon, or Younique bombarding your social media... because they make specific pages for people who WANT to follow their business!!!!

Maybe there are results for some people (I don’t see them, but whatever), but really, bombarding me isn’t the way to earn my business. Some people are making a great income with this business, but it’s not going to last long- not with 1020830284 of my personal Facebook friends joining the company daily- because really how can ALL of these people make money from the same client-pool? Oh wait…..

I don’t mean this as a personal attack on anyone, but my god, please let this fad end soon before this starts to happen.

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