It Takes a "Special Person"
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It Takes a "Special Person"

Why it truly does take a "special person" to work with people with disabilities.

It Takes a "Special Person"
Camp Burnt Gin

Over the past few years many colleagues and I have discussed the concept of when uninformed people state that it "takes a special kind of person" to "deal" with special needs kids.

Honestly, yes it does.

I have been involved in many different conversations about this statement. My feelings range from: 1. Excuse me what did you just say to me? to 2. Ya darn skippy it does. Because this topic is so controversial in my eyes writing it out seemed to be the best way to get my true feelings out.

So here it goes.

To many people, special needs children used to be a burden. Now they are slowly realizing the beauty behind the different people in our society. Their capabilities that they have and their true innocence that they obtain.

Most recently the "End the R Word" campaign has gained a lot of attention. Shows like "Born This Way" and many different modeling agencies have taken those with special needs under their wings to show a more diverse population. But that's the issue....they're only doing it to show diversity, not what truly lies behind the diverse person.

Many different families across this country go through similar things each day. From a child throwing a tantrum because he/she does not have what they want to get through the day or a child soiling themselves because they are physically incapable of using the bathroom "normally."

The thing is, people don't understand.

They don't get it.

Walk a mile in their shoes see how it feels.

Sit a day in that wheelchair unable to move see how it feels.

Try speaking but nothing comes out see how it feels.

Then let me know what is really happening behind closed doors.

So what it takes them a little longer to comprehend things than it takes us.

So what it's a lot more work for a person to take care of someone with special needs.

So what they aren't as fast as you.

So what they need help doing daily activities.

So what they "don't understand."

Truth is...they understand A LOT more than you think they do.

So yes, it does take a special person to work with someone with special needs. I tear up at the thought of someone going days without a diaper change, days without food, days without the proper care that they need because some IMBECILE is too caught up in their own selfish ways to take care of someone else who needs help more then their own personal "entitlements" they think they are due.

What I don't get:

  • Is how someone could blatantly not care about someone who clearly can't help themselves.
  • How people can be so stinking cold hearted that they can't give up five minutes of their day to help someone.
  • How people are so stinking selfish that they can't, for once in their life, help someone other than themselves.

If someone knows these answers please let me know...

So yes, it does take a special person to work with someone with special needs.

  • It takes a lot of courage for someone to selflessly give up their time for someone else's gain.
  • It takes a lot of heart for someone to voluntarily give up their time to help others.
  • It takes a lot of patience to comprehend the ignorance that comes from society.
  • It takes a lot of will to sustain from blowing up in someones face when they act incompetent.
  • It takes a lot of love for someone to believe in that person knowing that they are trying their hardest.

As many of you know I have worked at a camp for special needs children for the past 3 summers. My camp director always wears this shirt that says, "Don't DIS my ABILITIES." Something that always comes to mind when I hear someone using the R-word or other derogatory terms that were directed towards one of my babies. I have worked with children with special needs all of my life. My brother, my best friend, my biggest supporter and pain in the neck has special needs and I thank God everyday for being BLESSED with someone who has taught me so much about not only me but life in general.

I don't do it for the money.

I don't do it for the gifts.

I don't do it for the substantial gratitude from parents when their child has hit a milestone.

I don't do it for myself.

I do it for them.

For their smiles.

For their laughs.

For their hugs.

For their "I love you's."

For their selflessness.

For their pinky promises

For their love.

I do it for them.

I do it for their Beta Club inductions.

I do it to watch them get a 4.0 in their first semester of college...something I never did.

I do it to watch them walk on their own for the first time.

I do it for the I Love You in sign language.

I do it for the piggy back rides.

I do it for the bonds that I have with their families.

I do it to show that they can grow in a week.

I do it to show that they are NOT a stereotype.

I do it for them.

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