Is Your Pet Stressed? Here’s 5 Things to Try
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Is Your Pet Stressed? Here’s 5 Things to Try

If you are a pet owner, you understand that their stress becomes your own and you will do anything you can to help give them some relief.

Is Your Pet Stressed? Here’s 5 Things to Try


If you are a pet owner, you understand that their stress becomes your own and you will do anything you can to help give them some relief. Animals can suffer from stress for a variety of reasons including ongoing health issues and fear or anxiousness to name a few.

There are over-the-counter options for your pets, and even veterinarians can prescribe medications to help ease your pet’s symptoms. However, being on medication for long periods of time can lead to other health issues, especially in older pets. A scientifically formatted pet CBD may be a solution.

One of the most common problems pets of all types face is stress, regardless of the cause. Here are five things to try.

Emergency Stress Relief

Let’s start with the most common causes of stress for all pets that all pet owners have experienced. Every holiday that comes inclusive with fireworks is a guaranteed stressor for pets and their humans alike. Since it’s impossible to predict when your neighbors will start the fun, a fast-acting solution is critical.

A pet CBD chew can be good for a dog who doesn’t usually get stressed out in normal situations but needs a little support during fireworks and thunderstorms. These things happen unexpectedly, and it is a relief for pet owners to know there is an option that can help.

These can also be a great option to have on hand for a pet-sitter or if you are boarding your animal when you’re away. And thankfully, pet CBD and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), are also available for cats, in a feline paste formula. It’s possible for all pets to suffer from separation anxiety, and a pet CBD emergency chew or paste can be easily given to your pet for quick relief.

Soft Chews

With the convenience of a soft chew “treat,” CBD + CBDA work to alleviate stress (as mentioned), but are proven effective to improve joint discomfort, itching, and cognitive issues as well.

For senior dogs, joint pain and overall mental wellness can benefit significantly from a CBD + CBDA regime. Soft chews are a perfect solution for pet owners that want to add glucosamine and chondroitin for added joint support, and pets that love peanut butter-flavored treats.


The oil version of CBD + CBDA for dogs and cats is the most accurate way to properly dose your pet according to expert recommendations. For small dogs under six pounds, CBD oil is ideal for the most precise dosing. For large dog breeds, oils are the most economical choice.

Oils are great for dogs and cats that are picky eaters. The CBD + CBDA oils can be given undetectably in foods. Sometimes soft gels and chews are disliked by certain pets, so an oil version is a great backup. Oils are also the preferred choice if your pet has any food sensitivities, and can be administered directly in the mouth.

Soft Gels

Another way to make giving CBD + CBDA oils easier for pets is with a soft gel. A soft gel is basically a pill capsule filled with the oil formula but is tasteless and odorless. This makes them a favorite among pet owners. Not only will the soft gels reduce stress for your pet, but you will also be relieved using this easy option.

If your pet has a sensitive stomach, it’s best to avoid flavors, smells, and consistencies that will disrupt their normal diet. This option is as easy to give as the chews as they can often be hidden in treats and remain undetectable on the dog’s palette, but with all the healthy benefits.

Feline Paste

If you are a cat owner, you may feel overlooked when considering how to give your pet the benefit of CBD + CBDA products. After all, cats are different from dogs, and often more difficult to trick with things - even if they are good for them. Cats also have smaller mouths, and the incredible ability to escape from your grasp and detect any non-food item in almost anything.

Now you can give your feline friend all the same benefits from CBD + CBDA products as their canine counterparts. A chicken liver flavored paste conquers the challenge of palatability for cats. Proper dosing is also made easy to give your cat safe and effective relief. No need to wrestle your kitty when now you can reduce their stress with CBD + CBDA Feline Complete Paste.

Stress in your pets can be caused by many factors. Extraneous noise, travel, and separation are very common causes of mild stress in both dogs and cats. However, itching, long-term joint discomfort, and aging can contribute to increased levels of stress in your pets. There are five proven CBD + CBDA products that you can try to significantly reduce your pets’ stress today.

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