We've all probably heard the battle of the sexes and gone through the greatest debate on Earth- who is stronger: men or women?

Many argue men because of their muscular strength; others argue women are stronger because of our abilities to give birth. However, men are there to try to alleviate the pain woman feel, make us as comfortable as possible because they know that their counterpart (not necessarily a lover) is uncomfortable enough and there is nothing in her power to alleviate the discomfort. Women are there to show men a different point of view to conflict, help them calm down when they feel that they have lost control, and even boost their egos!

From years of listening to my friends complaining about their partners and consuming a lot of tea, I have realized that maybe we have all approached the difference between men and women wrong. If you think of it, haven't you heard the same argument come out from the man and woman in a relationship? I know I have, making me laugh every time at how similar both sides of the relationship are thinking alike without them realizing.

How does this fit in with strength? Simple, we are similar yet different. Like yin and yang. Dark and light. Men and women. See the pattern? One is not stronger without the other one. They can be strong on their own yes, but together they are stronger. That is why we cannot agree which sex is stronger when we are the entire spectrum. Of course, let us not forget the typical example of yin and yang: opposites attract each other.

It's all about balance. Two people that are equally stubborn tend to clash a lot and need breaks from each other frequently. This doesn't mean that they can't be together, they just need to find the middle ground for balance to be reached. Couples that are polar opposites tend to sail smoother (with some of the occasional bumps here and there, but that's perfectly normal) because they compliment each other. It is not about how strong we are are, it's about how capable are we of balancing each other out for greater strength.