Is the Fear of Rape Natural?
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Is the Fear of Rape Natural?


Is the Fear of Rape Natural?

Sexual assault even sexual harassment are very sensitive topics to discuss. Many people have their own take on it. Some think if a girl is drunk she is at fault for when happens to her, but others believe regardless of state of mind, the victim is never to blame.

Thinking about this I wonder, as women even men, is the fear of being raped something that comes naturally to us? Are we always on alert in certain environments because there is a chance we could be assaulted in the worst way possible?

Anytime I’m leaving one of my classes making my way back to my car parked in the garage, I find my grip on my keys way tighter than usual. I constantly keep looking back and even start to pick up my pace a little.

But why? Why do I feel paranoid when I’m leaving school, a place I’m supposed to feel safe?

This has to do with the genuine fear of being raped. The fear that someone, anyone, could grab you within a matter of seconds and change your entire life.

A fear many face during a party or leaving a late night movie. Something women and men in foreign countries have to deal with as well.

I watched a documentary on Netflix called “India’s Daughter,” in which a medical student was brutally gang raped by a group of boys on a bus she was taking back home from a movie with her friend.

If you don’t want to read ahead you can close this page right now, but you should keep reading.

They raped her so aggressively that her organs were coming out of her body. They damaged organs inside her body. They all took turns on her. They raped her so horrifically as if her body was attacked by animals.

She passed away a few days later.

Anytime I think about this story I can feel my literal soul cringe because of how inhumane it is.

Even with what’s been going on in Hollywood recently of accusations against people like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey being made public. This all falls under rape culture.

The question shouldn’t be “why didn’t these women or men speak up before?” The questions need to be “what do we do next? how do we prevent this? how do we make people feel safe?”

If so many people are coming forward, they shouldn’t be shut down or “just another victim.” Why are they another victim? Why does there have to be another?

I don’t know what the solution to this is, I honestly wish I knew. I do know that rape even harassment in any form, they are deep fears for many people all over the world.

After reading stories about sexual assault victims I always think if that were me I would beg the person to just kill me right then rather than being raped.

That is the fear, wanting actual death rather than being a living dead person.

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