Is Saying "Merry Christmas" Wrong?

Sidenote: The plot and characters in this story are fictional.

"Happy Holidays everyone! I hope that you all have a great holiday vacation, and I will see you in three weeks" the teacher said.

While the children starting leaving the class with their parents slowly, one mom went up to the teacher.

"Mary, hi I'm Rose, Ian's Mom".

"Hi Rose, how are you?" Mary replied.

"I am ok, but I saw your sign saying 'Happy Holidays'. Everyone in this class is Christian, so why not just say Merry Christmas?" Rose asked.

"Well, first, not everyone in this class is Christian. We have some children who are Jewish, and some that were raised under no religion"

"And?" asked Rose.

"Having a sign that says 'Happy Holidays' is more inclusive and respectful. I mean I know that most people don't really care about this 'Merry Christmas' vs. 'Happy Holidays' thing, but again, it's just to be respectful and inclusive" Mary said.

"But don't most people in the US celebrate Christmas?" Rose asked.

"Yes, but still it's just more respectful. I mean if it was between you and it would be fine, but saying it in front of a group of people of different religions, or those that you don't know is not the most inclusive". Mary responded.

"This is honestly too politically correct for me" Rose responded. "Christmas is Christmas and no one is going to stop me from saying it"

"No one should stop you from saying it, I agree. But if you're talking to a large room of people, or you have a sign for celebrating the holidays, 'Happy Holidays' is simply more inclusive". Mary explained.

"But also by saying 'Happy Holidays', you are taking Jesus Christ out of Christmas" Rose said.

"First, if you are talking about the Christmas where there is Santa, reindeer, wrapped gifts, sales, red and other colored bows, that's not Christmas, that's just Capitalism. If you're talking about Christmas with Jesus Christ, then yeah that Christmas does involved Jesus. But again, not everyone celebrates Christmas. And saying 'Happy Holidays' allows everyone to express the First Amendment, to practice their religion freely" Mary explained.

"Well how can I worship Jesus Christ's birth when people tell me Happy Holidays?" Rose asked.

Having enough of this conversation, as it did get annoying Mary replied "if you make everyone say 'Merry Christmas', then you are not allowing others, such as those who celebrate Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, to celebrate their holidays. Therefore, you are not restricting people's first amendment rights to practice their own religions. Lastly, the US is not a Christian country, the US Constitution doesn't allow that" Mary said, and started to walk out of the class.

"What?" asked Rose.

"Sorry, I gotta go. Happy Holidays" Mary yelled, walking out of the school to her car.

Rose stood confused.

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