Rudolph The Problematic Reindeer?

Rudolph The Problematic Reindeer?

Or are we taking political correctness too far?


The topic of political correctness, especially in the context of representation of the marginalized, has become an especially controversial subject over the past decade. The questions of what is appropriate and what is offensive, and what images send what messages, have been hotly debated in schools, media, government, and community.

Yesterday a friend informed me of the latest (as far as I know) subject of scrutiny in the name of political correctness: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

We all know the beloved, classical Christmas film, but in case you've forgotten, here's a recap: Rudolph is a reindeer who, to the shame of his parents, was born with a nose that glows red. He is often the target of ridicule and exclusion due to his nose, until Santa realizes how useful it is for guiding his sleigh through a dark and foggy night. Rudolph is celebrated as the hero and we are left with the message that it is our differences, our perceived flaws, that make us truly special.

Seems innocent enough. But recently a debate about the film's intentions and message has been revived, bring this family-favorite under investigation. The claimed problem lies in Rudolph's identity as a "marginalized" character and the ways he may symbolize those with disabilities, specifically, or more generally any targeted minority group.

These claims lay base in the scenes which display "verbal abuse," persecution, and rejection of Rudolph on the basis of his physical difference, along with his eventual inclusion only after he is shown to be of service to others. People are arguing that such scenes parallel and symbolize the type of discrimination experienced by marginalized groups in today's society and perpetuate the attitudes that reduce people to their bodies and abilities.

Is there any legitimacy in these claims? Maybe so - Rudolph most definitely does become a victim of harassment and bullying due to a condition of his life which is totally out of his control. At the same time, though, is making these claims in response to a children's claymation about animals a bit of a reach? I would argue yes.

While there is value in monitoring the messages our media sends, especially media directed at children, we have to consider the context of the argument and its formation. In this case, a series of joking tweets was compiled into an article intended to entertain (HuffPost) , which was then picked up by social media outlets, and eventually by mainstream news outlets.

This progression shows how quickly our opinions and ideas about certain things are shaped and disseminated by the media. This sudden anti-Rudolph activism, which began as a mild joke on the slightly problematic undertones in the film quickly became a debate between the most extreme sectors of both liberals and conservatives,with each side claiming hate-speech or another "War on Christmas," respectively.

What we need is to take a step back and remember that this film, made for children, over 50 years ago, is not the real issue. While there may be some scenes that are a nod to a less aware time, and it can't hurt to explain to children that bullying and discrimination is never okay, even if you apologize for it later, the fact remains that this is an animated film.

Maybe it is best we focus this type of energy on bigger problems - think institutional and systematic oppression - rather than going to war over our favorite reindeer cartoon.

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Holiday Block Leave For The Army Was Just Too Good To Be True

"When something looks too good to be true, it usually is." -Emmy Rossum


Everyone enjoys the times where their soldier gets to come home. The multitude of dates, romantic gestures, and the simple fact that you get to spend time with your soldier feels like a dream.

You get to finally have your best friend back, and for about two weeks, you don't get that feeling of loneliness. I remember feeling extremely happy seeing my soldier smile and laugh with me over the silliest of things and thinking to myself that I missed moments like this. I also loved getting dolled up and going out to eat at some of our favorite places. Yet again, my heart and stomach were more than satisfied, I caught myself swooning about how the entirety of these events was dreamlike.

The first week flew by so fast. I blinked, and next thing you know he is packing up some of his things. I realized within the two-week time period I had already grown accustomed to him again. I had gotten overly attached, and I honestly did not know how to feel about it. I clearly did not want him to leave, but he had to. I felt myself growing irritated near the end of holiday block leave because I guess I felt there was nothing I could do to keep these insanely wonderful moments going. I knew that once he left it would be back to the routine of never-ending work and stress.

I was not ready for college to start back at this point. He wasn't ready to be brain fried from butt loads of work either, but my soldier has more determination than I sometimes. I am working on my determination and motivation, but I still will forever cry when stressed, or when I feel I have no control over a situation. I tried so hard to hold back the tears this time around, but it just couldn't be done. I did not breakdown I just shed a tear or two, so I can say I have improved.

It's just so hard.

I loved seeing him for those two weeks, but at the same time, it sucks because it's like we're being teased. We get to spend time with our military loved ones, but it's for such a short amount of time. Of course, we lived it to the fullest, but that doesn't make his leaving any easier.

Now, I'm just counting down the days until he gets another leave and I get to spend that time with him again.

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