With summer coming to a cease, and fall just less then a week away, some people are spending those final days at the beach. Like all of us Jersey beachgoers, before we enter the beach, we either wait in that long line on the boardwalk to purchase a badge or to show it to that charming young kid, sitting in a chair, looking like they love their job. As we're standing in line, we all ask ourselves one question. That is "Why? "Why do we have to pay to use the beach when beachgoers nationwide don't?" Here are seven reasons why beachgoers shouldn't have to pay to use a New Jersey beach:

1. It angers people

The beach is supposed to be a happy place and somewhere to escape stresses and relax. Charging people to get on, can turn it into the complete opposite. Also it can ruin their mood and experience. Nobody wants to be in a bad mood, especially on the beach.

2. It creates another expense that people have to budget for.

Living in 2017 is already expensive. The cost of necessities rises almost every year. Also with a new governor entering office soon, some people don't know what to expect. Since shore towns are already pricey to rent, shop, eat, reside, and visit, having that extra expense to dip your toes in the water and relax just isn't worth it. New Jersey is also already expensive to live in with high taxes everywhere, making the situation even worst.

3. It decreases business

As much as tourists love the Jersey Shore, the higher the badge fees, the less business the beaches will receive. This can also lead to less jobs and a poor economy for those areas.

4. It generates more chaos.

If nobody had to wait in that badge line in certain shore towns, walking on the beach would be quicker, easier, and less of a hassle. Imagine how much more time you would actually have to relax in the sand, surf the ocean, make sandcastles, and most importantly, admire the scenery without having to wait in that line.

5. It doesn't transpire in other states.

Beachgoers in other states don't have to take out their wallets or show a badge, and they still make a profit. Why should they in New Jersey have to?

6. It builds higher competition

With badges ranging in different prices, since some beaches charge more than others, competition will only get feistier.

7. It motivates people to vacation elsewhere.

Every year, families from all over drive to the Jersey Shore to vacation. Memories are created that last a lifetime. An increase in badge fees can motivate them to vacation elsewhere, making a great tourist destination, a terrible one.