Is The Fall 2020 Semester Worth it?
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Student Life

Is The Fall 2020 Semester Worth it?

The Remote Class Crisis

Is The Fall 2020 Semester Worth it?

We are in an awkward, unconventional, and honestly mind-boggling situation. As college students during the coronavirus pandemic, we hold hardly any clarity in our futures. From personal experience, I have no idea when I am returning to campus, nor the mode of deliverance of my classes, and we are less than a month away from when I should most definitely be there.

Time is ticking and anxiety growing in this confusing period as some students have already received the kabosh on returning to campus in the fall, while many are faced with the reality of the worth of their classes being completely remote? Without the campus and college experience/opportunities, is paying that 50,000 (give or take) worth the screen-strained eyes substituting an "in-classroom experience?"

Obviously, all situations are vastly different. Some students are going back no matter what. Some cannot afford it. Some need to go back because of specific classes for their majors. Some need to stay home because of their health and the risk that accompanies the college experience. However, all students share the common sentiment of frustration and instability in the future.

The real issue lies in the disappearance of the in-person classroom experience. Without the stability, accountability, and routine of classes in person, students are likely to lessen their enthusiasm for the subject, create relationships with peers, feel like a college student at all, and quite frankly, learn.

The main reason for college, the classes, are diminished on such a great level that many find the idea of online classes pointless. Remote college even more pointless.

As we analyze our individual situations it is so important to take into account these aspects on a very serious note:

1.How much will this semester cost me?

2.How are my classes being taught?

3.Will I be able to learn in the capacity I normally would on-campus?

4.What is my campus' overall covid-19 plan?

5.Are there similar opportunities available to me closer to home or no a cheaper level?

6.How will my decisions affect others?

7.Is it worth it?

Clearly, this is a personal choice for everyone on every campus in every circumstance. It is important, though, for everyone to take their time deciding what is best for them. Given that, we must recognize we will all be moving at different rates now. We may not graduate just when or how we thought. We may not have a normal semester or the semester we were so psyched to have. We have been given this to handle, though, and would not be challenged as so if we could not handle it.

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