Is Music Still Music?

Is Music Still Music?

Music has and will continue to evolve and change, as it should, but why does the media promote it either sounding the same or meaningless?


A question strums my mind like a guitar. This question makes my heart beat as fast as a drum solo. The same question plays me like a piano. Is music still… music?

If you're anything like me, you've often caught yourself rockin’ to the beat of a song with lyrics that are absolutely degrading with a rapper talking about his gold chains being worth more than all 10 of his b**ches. But it's fine because all shots are on him since he's “got money to blow.” If you're anything more like me, you'll accept these songs and learn all the words because this is the new anthem of your life.

After a while of me asking myself, "Why does this sh** make me wanna turn up so much?" I finally came to the conclusion: it's the evolving world. When I think about it, musical impacts such as Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and so on, all with sui generis-sounding voices, changed music. Though lately, it seems as if everybody is starting to sound the same. And by saying this, I'm not talking about the beautiful voices, I'm talking about -- in simplicity -- artists using the same beats.

We need things to be authentic -- I believe that to be so important. This is because of the significant impact music has on this world.

For a quick disclaimer, I am not bashing any artist; I am simply discussing my thoughts on the change of music.

I do not disagree with change. We need change in order to grow and expand our horizons. It has just started to upset me because I've just started to realize that when an artist and his or her or their team come up with something distinct, and becomes popular, that is where most other artists and teams tend to shift. Then everybody begins to create the same thing!

Music is not a trend. For whatever reason, we've taken it as we take a fashion trend, or a makeup trend. Though fashion and makeup are both art -- in my book, at least -- I find music to be a different kind of art; one that employs emotion. Music is a feeling you share or connect to. To me, if your heart and soul aren't poured into it, it's not real.

Don't get me wrong! I love getting "turnt" to Future just as much as the next person; I just prefer Drake because I know what he's saying and for the most part, it makes sense.

My motive in writing this is to get us all thinking of how music is changing. While record sales increase, is the quality of the record decreasing? How do quantity and quality relate?

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