Have you ever heard someone say what if God was a woman? Or that God is a woman?

Well, I'm a firm believer that the higher power is a Goddess. You might ask why. Well, I believe that there is a mother Goddess, just like we the majority of westerners say Father God. I think there is a mother. I feel that the higher power is a woman because in order to make us, humans, it had to be a woman. I also personally experienced how it changed my life praying to a woman.

For me, praying to a Mother Goddess gave me more power within myself. It made me realize how much stronger I was. It also allowed me to see that the things that I was praying for were actually happening and this allowed me to be more thankful. It made me want to pray more and to get more into spirituality, though I do not practice a specific religion. It made me start to understand why things happen and I am more at peace with life. This then caused me to want to be more pure.

When I say being more pure, I mean it caused me to try to work my way into being vegan and though that is hard being a college student. I plan on doing it next semester even better. It also caused me to just understand my body more and get into trying to have a better and healthy lifestyle. I think for women believing that the higher power is a woman makes them more empowered. It also makes you go within and start to look at how you can change your circumstances with the help of praying.

From my experience, it makes you love yourself more, it makes you want a better life more and it causes you to look at what is going wrong in your life and makes you enforce things that change that.

For my women, I challenge you. If, you do believe there is a higher power. I challenge you for just a month to just go against society's norms and just believe that God is a woman and pray to Mother Goddess. See how this helps you and what changes it initiates.