Is Cereal Good For You?
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I've always been a big fan of cereal. I have vivid memories of going over to my nona's house before school every day and having her whip me up a bowl of Rice Krispies with warm milk and a small cup of coffee on the side. The cup of coffee explains where my caffeine addiction stems from, but that's a story for another day. Today I am just here to talk about cereal.

Weird subject, I know, but I always seem to be in some sort of debate about whether or not cereal is the best food in the world or just a silly waste of calories that people have been convinced to eat because of evil food companies.

Here are the two sides.

My opinion is that cereal is the best food in the world. I have long stood by this because cereal is delicious and light in your stomach for those of us who cannot eat giant salty breakfasts. Cereal can also be eaten at any time of day. It's most regularly consumed in the early morning hours, but you know that when I'm craving a midnight snack I usually pour myself a bowl of cereal.

The opposing argument, brought to you by my boyfriend, is that cereal is the worst. He insists that cereal is high in calories but doesn't actually fill you up, which makes it a waste. Cereal is also unhealthy and most often fed to young children, teaching them the bad eating habits that Michelle Obama tried so hard to reverse when Barack was president. The morning is supposed to be the time of day to give your body necessary nutrients to wake up and start on the right foot, but sugary cereals such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch do not provide those nutrients.

These are fair points. However, people who take this stance seem to forget that you can buy healthy cereal. People's minds always gravitate towards Reese Puffs and Lucky Charms when the word cereal is said. They always forget about those healthy cereals that provide both a light breakfast AND healthy nutrients.

Basically, cereal is the best food in the world as long as you eat the right one.

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