I think most iPhone users would agree that Siri really sucks and is not helpful in the slightest. Yet, ( and I can't believe I'm saying this) I have a growing jealousy of my boyfriend's Samsung Galaxy and the virtual assistant Bixby.

I have spent hours scouring the App Store to find anything remotely close to the amazing alarm clock feature that Bixby has on the Galaxy phones and sadly, found nothing that works like Bixby.

Imagine, you awake from your slumber to soft music while a gentle voice says good morning, tells you the forecast for the day, and then reads off the top few headlines for the morning. Amazing.

As someone who hates waking up, I don't really mind this Bixby thing softly informing me of the weather while I lay there waking up. It's not harsh and abrupt like most alarm settings available on the iPhone. I mean there are softer options, but nothing gets the job done like

This feature is honestly the only thing I am interested in on the Samsung Galaxy, so not enough for me to give up my love of iPhone. Yet, the only thing Siri is good for is making jokes with her and making her call you funny names. I've never successfully utilized Siri for anything helpful. Now, here I sit, jealous of a Samsung phone.

Apple, do you see the problem with this? How can I be loyal to the brand when I can't find anything even close to the Bixby alarm feature for myself? Granted, I could pay 2 or 3 dollars and have something just as nice, but I refuse to do that too. Bixby is free on the Galaxy phone, so why would I pay to be like Samsung? Apple should just be like Samsung on its own.

I guess this is also a plea to any app creators out there, not just Apple. Make me a weather reporting alarm clock app that is free and I will be satisfied with life. Please. I need it. I refuse to let this coerce me into leaving the Apple life and turning Android. That would just be awful.

I want an alarm clock that talks to me nicely and gives me the weather updates in a pleasant voice, is that too much to ask?