In the age of digital time telling, a watch should still be a necessity.

In The Age Of Digital Time, You Should Still Invest In A Watch

Time to stop procrastinating remind yourself why real watches are a necessity.


Watches have been used since the 16th century and the evolution of the watch has changed throughout time. If watches have been around for so long and people are continuing to use watches, it's no surprise that they're still essential to society, even if you can look at the time whenever you want on your digital devices.

Watches come in all sorts of styles, colors, and shapes and are varying price ranges. From watches that cost $20 to watches costing thousands, the prices vary and are cost-effective whether on a tight budget or not. People should own at least one watch, but you'd be surprised how many people I come across in my age group who don't even own one.

Despite electronics saving the day in revealing the time, watches are easier and much quicker. The time is literally with you wearing the watch. It takes literally a second to check the time on the wrist instead of pulling out an electronic device. How big of a pain is this when you're on the packed train and need to check the time, but you can't dig in your bag to grab your phone? Don't pretend you haven't been there.

Watches are more appropriate in settings where you shouldn't have to pull your phone out. Imagine being called out by a supervisor or instructor for checking the phone just to see the time. Save yourself the embarrassment from being called out and invest in a watch.

Watches add style so easily. Wearing one will just elevate any outfit. People will begin to notice your watch and will compliment you if the watch pairs well with the outfit. It makes you look more sophisticated and better put together. Watches signal style and when someone highlights your style, it creates self-confidence.

Therefore, do yourself a favor and if you have not invested in one watch now is the time to do so.

Watches are timeless.

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6 Fun Hair Colors You Should Try This Summer



Coloring your hair can be a way to express yourself or to change up your look, whatever the case is it's fun. While it can be very expensive, most of the time it's worth it. These are some hair colors that would be fun to try out this summer.

1. Red

Redheads - which are you? ---- Perhaps a very broad definition. I`m copper. | my kind of hair.... in 2019

Now, red doesn't have to be Ariel red, it can be a subtle red, or fire truck engine red- whatever you prefer. The color will most never wash out, you will always have a hint of red in your hair (just as a warning).

2. Purple

Shades of purple! Love these purple hair colors. #dyedhair #purplehair #purplecolor #haircolor #hairinspo | Hair: Hairstyles & Colors for Dyed Hair in 2019

This is a good color if you are naturally blonde or have colored blonde hair because the color can easily go from purple back to a somewhat natural blonde color. But just as an FYI, the color washes out really quick, especially if you wash your hair often.

3. Blonde

Shades of blonde | Hair

If you have black hair or brown, this could be a fun change. You don't have to dye your entire head, it could just be the ends. But if you are expecting to go blonde in just one trip to the salon you are going to be disappointed. It's going to take at least 4 times to get to what you want if you have dark hair. It is also a big commitment and a big expense.

4. Blue

50 Shades of Blue – Pastel, Electric, Shark, Navy etc. | Salon Pink , #bluehair #bluehaircolor #bluehairstyles | mode. in 2019

This is always fun if you are trying to channel your inner mermaid! There are so many shades of blue that the options are endless, but if you have already blonde hair it will eventually turn green because of the yellow hues in your hair. The best idea is to bleach your hair before putting the color on this way it won't result in having a weird hue in the weeks after coloring it.

5. Pink


This color is always a fun go to, it's one of easiest to do and doesn't require a lot of maintenance, it will show up in most hair colors. While it does washout pretty quick, it will look just as awesome as it fades.

6. Brunette

Develop a little area between your head and the hair tie and after that pull the ponytail through. Total the look by tucking the hair into … | bob hair in 2019

If you are a blonde who is trying to change it up this would be a fun adventure, there are so many different ways you could go brunette, either a nice light brown or chocolate brown even can go as far as dying it black. Either way, there are so many options that will fit anyone's comfort zone.

Being someone who has dyed their hair a good number of times, understand the fear and commitment that goes into doing it because it's a big change especially for those that have never done it before. It's also pretty expensive, and can leave your hair damaged, but if you find the right salon and there are plenty of great products that can help with damage and protect colored hair it should all be a positive experience. Now, the one thing everyone should know before going into a salon is that what you want might not happen because you don't know how your hair will react with the color. Just go in with an open mind and a good idea of what you want, but trust that your stylist will try and get you exactly what you want.

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