The world revolves on its axis at a speed of about 1,000 miles per hour. Although we move with the Earth and do not notice its rotation, that doesn't stop us from feeling how fast others move around us.

Technology helps us in many ways but we all could use a break from the busy monotony. For some, however, their comfort zone is larger than most. If you're an introvert like me, here are some ways you can thrive on your tech-free digital detox.

1. Visit familiar places.

No one said you had to get out of your comfort zone completely. Just make a larger circle of sights and sounds you find inviting. The city has too many crowds and you just want to get away? Try a cozy bookstore or coffee shop to readjust. The location will help you find what to do.

2. Spend time with friends and family.

Tag along with someone you know and who's willing to put down the phone for the rest of the day. A lot more can be said in person anyway. You might even know each other better. Familiar faces make reconnecting easier, but they also teach you how to be more open with others.

3. Read, write, and reflect.

Reading and writing are perfect ways to get rid of your worries and frustrations. They help you explore and learn from those same feelings, teaching you how to cope with the things that make you tick. It's the best kind of "me time."

4. Walk it out.

A digital detox doesn't have to be expensive to enjoy the tech-free experience. Now that you've been to those familiar places, try warming up to some uncharted territory. Be your own tour guide for the day. Wherever you go, there's always something new to take in.

5. People watch.

Reconnecting with others without technology is the goal, but understanding people through their actions is just as telling. You want to understand how people think and sometimes their actions show what's on their mind. Fill in the blanks, maybe you can see their story unfold.

6. Write a letter.

Beats an email that will inevitably be deleted. You put your thoughts for someone else onto a page that they can hold, read, and reread any time they want. Nothing shows you care or is more sentimental than snail mail. Enclose a stamp too so that they can write you back!

7. Stay at home.

Have the day to yourself and recharge. Sleep-in, get organized, order take out, or better yet, learn and cook a recipe. Just make sure to unplug and turn off the TV, computer, and phone (or only use the phone for calls) so you're not tempted. There's no place like home sweet home.

8. Exercise or do yoga.

Your body isn't thanking you for sitting down and staring into a screen for hours at a time. Even the most menial tasks like gardening or mowing the lawn are rewarding. Be kind to your body and move it!

9. Drive.

Cars are outfitted with so many bells and whistles, you can't tell them apart. Like walking, driving can help your mind wander but more importantly focus. Disconnect the phone, turn off the radio, and put the aux cord away. Where we're going, we don't need technology.

10. Ask (or wait to be asked) questions.

Without voice activated assistants or search engines, knowing where to go and how to get there can be no small task. Sometimes you're in a store, just hoping someone will ask you if need help first before you have to ask for it yourself. Other times, you find an ounce of courage and get what you were looking for. Just remember the acronym ASK: always seek knowledge.

Digital detox makes you a more rounded individual than social media ever could. To learn more about how you can be tech-free and reconnect, click here to visit the Digital Detox movement website.