Hi all!

My name is Katie Cushinotto and I am super excited to be a new member of the Odyssey! I really enjoy writing and reading. Both are very relaxing to me and I like to write to use it as a creative outlet for myself. While in high school, I was an editor and writer for my high schools creative writing magazine called The Blue Review. Myself and other students were able to create our own content and then publish it to the magazine (similar to the Odyssey).

I am currently a sophomore political science/education major and business studies minor at Stockton University. I am also a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Because of my major, I do not do much creative writing and I really miss creative writing, so I am really looking forward to this!

As I said previously, I really enjoy both reading and writing. I am also a really big fan of fashion and lifestyle blogs, so I spend a lot of time keeping up to date on those as well. A lot of the content I actually plan to create will be largely based on fashion and lifestyle topics that I am eager to share!

I am really looking forward to being a member of this team, reading everyone's work, and sharing mine as well!