Interviews: The Bane Of Everyone’s Existence

Interviews: The Bane Of Everyone’s Existence

A judge of character could also be Stan from HR.

Let’s face it: no one in their right mind likes having to go to an interview for a job or internship. You have to quickly acclimate yourself to an environment that you may or may not be working in, you have to make sure that you’re dressed nicely (and not too nicely) and you have to present a façade that the interviewer likes, one that may or may not be true to the real you. Overall, it’s an exhausting process, but in our society, an interview is a necessary part of any job, despite how annoying they can be.

For that matter, consider how an interviewer actually feels about interviewing a new person gunning for a position at their company. An alien presence shuffles into their cherished workspace, with that foreign body totally unaware of their own surroundings and it begins to ask questions that common sense could easily answer if they worked there, “I have an appointment with Tracy Halapat, where can I find her?”

The interviewer has to make the poor soul feel comfortable by cordoning them off from the rest of the office, a practice that rarely achieves this goal, and then has to ask a laundry list of questions that could be altogether avoided.

No, that interviewer does not care about where you went to college, nor do they care about extra-curricular activities from ten years ago, they’re making conversation so the interview doesn’t last for five minutes. The interviewer sincerely is uncomfortable as well, they are required to ask questions, be good judges of character and try to make an effort to really figure out if the nervous, well-dressed individual in front of them can use Microsoft Word, Excel or the Internet.

Interviews really are not fun, I think I’ve made that abundantly clear and I think that you, as a reader, probably don’t need to read anything but the title to get the gist of what I’m saying here. Interviews simply put everyone in positions that they don’t enjoy.

From what I know, meeting new people is one of everyone’s least favorite activities and it’s especially difficult to do when the person you’re meeting could very well be your boss in a few short weeks. It’s also not fun to have to present a version of yourself that is overly dressed, overly humble and generally kind of a killjoy—this is doubly true when the environment you’re vying to work in is casual and full of twenty-somethings.

The changing work environment is one that I don’t believe I’ll ever really understand and I think with that in mind, I doubt that anyone really will. Based on the interviewer, an interview could be casual and relaxed but could ultimately go south because the person didn’t really want someone so uptight or professional. Conversely, an interview could be rigid, cold and sour from the very beginning but may actually work out because it was meant to test the candidate’s mettle.

Simply put, no one will ever be great at job interviews.

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To My High School Self

You’re about to start a new chapter in your life and let me tell you- it is oh so fun.

Dear High School You,

You are about to start a new chapter in your life and let me tell you- it is oh so fun. The first few weeks feel like you’re at summer camp, except there is no getting homesick and you just want to live in that moment forever.

It is so fun being surrounded by your friends 24/7 and getting to go out and have fun with people just like you. Don’t get me wrong, these are going to be some of the best years of your life and I hope you live it up.

But I always want you to know that sometimes things just do not work out as planned- and that is totally okay. A lot of times when people tell you about college all they mention is how fun it is, how late you can stay out, and all of the rules you no longer have. While that is true, just know that it’s not like exactly high school.

Some of your classes are similar to ones you had in high school, and you really will be thankful for those teachers that really pushed you because in the end it really will pay off. But on the other hand, some classes are going to seem impossible to even pass and you will want to pull your hair out just thinking about them and the work that goes along with those classes.

A lot of clubs and organizations are based on grade point average, so that is definitely a motivating factor for keeping your grades above par. While grades are important and that is the main reason you are in college in the first place, the clubs and organizations usually require you to do interviews to be accepted. Please do not let the word “interview” scare you, and don’t overthink it, even though I know you will.

Some things will work out and others won’t, but never ever give up because the best is yet to come and this only the beginning of your life. Try not to focus on the small things and always look at the bigger picture in the end. Although sometimes in life it is indeed the little things that count.

Never forget where you came from and always remember how you were raised. You got here because of family and friends at home, so never forget to give them a call and let them know how appreciated they are.

You’re about to enter one of the best/busy time of your life! Make memories, have fun, and never forget the reason you’re at learn from both the good and bad!

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To The Victims Of The Majory Stoneman Douglas HS Shooting

"I just want to let you know...I see you, I hear you, I support you, and I love you."

To the students:

I'm sorry.

I cannot even begin to fathom the panic that raced in your heart, the screams the belted from your lungs, the thoughts in your head, the blood your eyes saw or the tears rolling down your cheeks. There aren't enough words in my head to explain how deeply heartbroken I am for the ordeal that you all have gone through. As a recent high school graduate this hits right at home. That could've been my school, my friends and my teachers. Hell, it was in my state, just a few hours away from my town.

I'm also so sorry that you guys feel like your voice isn't being heard. I just want to let you know that I see you, I hear you, I support you and I love you. I'm sorry that our president is all tweet and no action. You're all the bravest and strongest kids I have ever seen. Please continue to speak out to the adults who have wronged you, to the people who say "Kids don't know anything" and to the people who won't sacrifice their weapons for the lives of CHILDREN. Children that were going to change our damn world. Do not let all the bigotry, selfishness, and injustice crush that beautiful and ignited spirit in your hearts. I'm not going to sit here and say I understand what you're going through because I don't. I've never been through this before. I'm also not going to sit here and say that we don't need gun control. To the people that do...I just pray to God that they never, ever go through a mass shooting ordeal and watch the people they love die right in front of them.

Your feelings, thoughts, and emotions are not and will never be invalid. Keep protesting, keep fighting. I'm on your side.

To the teachers/staff:

I haven't forgotten about you. Teachers/staff already are under a large amount of pressure on a daily basis. You carry the weight of being an exemplary role model for every student who walks in your classroom. I can't imagine how hard you all work to be a positive leader for all the children you encounter every day. A teacher should never, ever have to tell comfort and protect a room full of distressed, panicked and crying children who are prepared to die. To all of those blaming yourselves for the fallen...please, I beg of you to stop. To all of those who feel like they could've done did the best you could. Your bravery and leadership is something most people can only dream of obtaining. I hope I can grow to lead with such grace.

To the staff that did not survive: You sacrificed your life for your students to see another day. You took bullets for them. You are heroes. It's hard for me to find words for the respect I have for each and every one of you amazing men. It deeply saddens me that sacrificing your life also means that your children will grow up without a father, your wives will be forever grieving and the rest of your families will be heartbroken.

Your bravery and honor will forever be defended. I love you all. Thank you, just thank you for the lives you saved and all that you did to make your school a great and safe place for everyone. You're amazing.

To the students who did not survive:

I struggle to write as tears fill my eyes. God saw a purpose in every single one of you. You were perfectly crafted by Him, only to be taken away far too soon. Many of these victims died trying to make sure that others were safe. These victims were sons, daughters, brothers and sisters. All from different walks of life. JROTC, marching band, color guard, athletics. This should not have happened. I'm so incredibly sorry that many of you couldn't experience all of what life had to offer. You were supposed to walk across the stage at your graduation, go find a career and have families. I'm so sorry that you will never get to see the world and all it has to offer, just because one person took that away from you.

It angers me that your voice can't be heard...but your surviving classmates are speaking for you and are doing a hell of a good job at it. Most of the nation, no, most of the WORLD is on your side.

We know your names and we WILL remember them.

We WILL keep fighting for you. We WILL honor you.

We WILL NOT stop until we see change!


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