Interviewing Tips: Part 1
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Interviewing Tips: Part 1

Things you need to know to NAIL that interview.

Interviewing Tips: Part 1

No matter what walk of life you're in, if you expect to be interviewed for a job or for school, these are a few things you need to know going in.

There are only four main types of interview questions that interviewers tend to focus on.

Question 1: Can you do the job?

Interviewers want to know your skills set more than anything. They want to ensure that you have the qualifications needed for the job.

Question 2: Will you do the job?

These people don't know you, and they need to know you well by the time you walk out the door. Interviewers want to know what kind of worker you are: hard worker, leader, follower, lazy, good with groups, etc. Don't just tell them what you are, also give them real-life examples of how you've showed it.

Question 3: Will you fit in here?

Prove to them that you are the perfect fit for the job by providing specific examples of when you've proven to be a leader, or when you conquered a horrible group project, etc. Depending on the job type, be sure to pick the right words to describe yourself and your personality. If you're applying for a teaching position, I wouldn't suggest you say you don't like kids.

Question 4: Will you get me fired? (Or can you help me?)

Interviewers want to know if you will be with the company long-term, or at least a year. They need to know that if they hire you, you won't quit in two months. They're going to pick you apart to try and figure out who you are as much as they can. Be prepared to talk about anything and everything.

Other tips: Interviewers are very CURIOUS, and it's your responsibility to be as open as possible. Interviewees should be ENTHUSIASTIC in every interview. Don't play with your hair or your face and keep hands in your lap.

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