The City Limit is identifiably a unique band on its own when considering their be honest, the same goes for their personalities. With that being said, I introduce to you: Anthony Ambrosio, Scott Lewis, and Mike Casson; Sean Farrelly - just are greatly missed in this quirky Q & A!

1.) How did you land on the name 'The City Limit'? Were there any prospective band names prior to this one?

Scott: 'I'm glad you asked, I came up with the name watching Stevie Ray Vaughan play Austin City Limits and thought it would be a cool band name, however, Anthony has been trying to change it ever since we started.'

2.) What can we catch y'all listening to in your cars?

Anthony: 'I like playing The Grateful Dead when I drive.'

Scott: 'I don't know, Anthony usually drives.'

Mike: 'Whiskey Ginger Podcast.'

3.) Any rituals you have during band practice?

Anthony: 'We can't discuss this.'

4.) If you could describe your sound using a board game, what would it be and why?

Scott: 'Is a Ouija board a board game?'

Mike: 'What about, Twister?'

Scott: 'To be honest it's most like Mouse Trap - it starts off seeming like a good idea but by the end you're just trying to put this thing together that will never work…'

Anthony: '..because we lost all the pieces.'

5.) What movie / TV show would you love to create a soundtrack for and why?

Mike: 'Stranger Things.'

Anthony: 'I like: Why Planes Crash.'

Scott: 'Sopranos or Lost in Translation. It's a really cool soundtrack with some great bands that relate to our sound.'

6.) What well-known song describes you all as a band?

Anthony: 'That's a hard question to answer because we draw so many influences from different bands and sounds.'

Mike: 'This is a tough question.'

Scott: 'Pork Chops by The Dorsets.'

7.) When you aren't making music - what are you generally doing?

Scott: 'You don't want to know.'

Anthony: 'Working and paying bills and maybe I'll ride my motorcycle once in a while.'

Mike: 'All I do is work, go to the gym and play music.'

8.) What's your favorite song to play live and why?

Mike: 'Wait Until Dawn' is fun, and 'Beneath' used to not be my favorite but now I like it.'

Anthony: 'Agreed, 'Beneath Your Love' is fun to play.'

Scott: Collateral Damage. Since we've added new members we can add new arrangements and the song has almost taken on a new life.'

9.) If you can have your fans remember one thing about you guys, what would it be? Why?

Anthony: 'I want my fans to remember how much fun I have every time I get on stage.'

Scott: 'I just want people to feel like they can relate to the songs.'

Mike: 'I want everyone to feel the way I feel when I see a band I love live.'

10.) Any advice you have for aspiring musicians such as yourselves?

Anthony: 'That's a good question, I'm still waiting for this advice.'

Mike: 'Give yourself time and keep writing and if you get stuck on something come back to it.'

Scott: 'Just be f**kin' honest with yourself and write songs that are true to yourself and that you stand behind.'

Mike: 'Yeah, write songs for strangers, not your friends.'

11.) Can you tell everyone where to find you on social media?

Instagram: @the_city_limit

Facebook: @thecitylimitband