As an ed major, I have no idea what syllabus week is, do you? All of my professors jump on the lecture train. So while they are talking about 'blah, come to class, blah blah blah, this is important," I just think about everything other than the sh*t I am supposed to be thinking of. Here are some of those thoughts...

1. EDIS 2310, EDIS 3210, MATH 2130


Lets see how many different combinations of four numbers we can make and then schedule them all for the same semester!

2. My planner is the best

Estée Janssens

Almost all ed majors have a $15+ planner that they write out their entire life. Fancy lettering, special pens and even some have cute stickers!!!

3. Crayola should sponsor me!


I have bought a new pack of markers, crayons, colored pencils, and glue sticks every year of school since Pre-K.... don't judge me.

4. Put me in the weirdest places EVER


Whatever you call it: placement or observations, I want a funky place. Not the cookie cutter school. If I wanted to be cookie cutter, I would be an early ed major (sorry guys!).

5. Will I really make these less plans?


"This class you will be making lots of lesson plans" ... Yay, five pages of pure torture that I probably will actually never go this in-depth for in the real world.