Interruptions And Life Advice

(Each line of this poem feeds into the next, I feel like I shouldn't have to say that but just in case)

-I used to think my roommate was a piece of

-Trash belongs in a garbage

-Can I see your ID young

-Man I wish I could feel her

-Breasts of chicken are my favorite

-Food tastes better when you eat with

-Friends become family after a wild night of

-Drinking is illegal if you are not 21 years

-Old age guarantees wrinkled hands and forgetting some of your best

-Memories should be cherished in your heart, not just posted on social

-Media manipulates the masses and there’s no way to make it

-Stop, drop, and run away if you’re being pursued by someone you do not

-Like my dad always said, “I’m going to get better. I’m going to get out of this

-Place” your hands at ten and two if you are driving a

-Car rhymes with bar and my uncle used to spend way too much time in

-There is no place like home, unless you move and have to pretend you don’t see a

-Change yourself all you want on the outside, but never forget what is inside your

-Mind if I cut in? I’ve been waiting to dance with your daughter and hold her way too

-Close is how I described my parents before cancer destroyed dad’s body and their

-Marriage is expensive, luckily for the groom, the bride’s parents will cover most of the

-Bill is the name of my mom’s boyfriend. I love how happy she is, she always deserved

-This is the time to be adventurous and incredibly kind, and by “this” I mean every

-Day by day I am learning to let go of the hurt I am so good at holding on

-To truly understand another person, ask them how they are feeling, and actually

-Listen to the song “Vienna” by Billy Joel, it sounds even better every time I hear

-It doesn’t matter where you take your last breath, just be surrounded by those you

-Love is invincible, and nothing can stop it as long as it doesn’t get


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