While the tour served as a promotion for their newest album, "The Marauder," the evening highlighted songs across all albums in a "greatest hits" fashion. Considering this was my fourth time seeing the men from New York, it was nice to feel like a real fan amongst many others that evening, as we chanted and yelled in gratitude from start to finish with each song. Banks' voice meshed perfectly to the drumming by Fogarino's drumming tempo. And of course, our favorite, Kessler brought his slick hair and guitar riffs which permeated the soul of every track. There is something damn rare that these three share when they walk on stage. Let us not forget to mention their very New York style wardrobe of black suits, shirts, ties, and shoes.

While Banks's voice can seem monotone to an average listener, there is little to no deviation of his vocal performance on stage from the studio - pure consistency. Many vocalists struggle with this issue, especially today with the abilities that production and studios have to enhance vocals. Trust me; I witnessed such debacles in live settings. I will be nice and not name any names, of course. The experience is it a complete letdown. Pray that it does not happen at your next live show.

As Interpol's track selection included a couple of numbers from their newest release, the sound and style of that album mesh perfectly to every album Interpol created to-date. In a possibly accidental nature, songs provide statement and responses to each other. This would make sense as to how the band varies the setlist from night to night. From that unique sounding guitar, to the vocals and bass, and the overall fusion with the drums – Interpol's sound is irrevocably one of a kind.

How about stage props and lights? The band takes a minimalistic approach with colors such as red, white, blue, and green, three disco-balls, and eight or so standing LEDs with lights at the top. Each song follows a different theme, and it enhances the story they tell in each song. Sure, you could complain they did not play this or that song, but when looking at the 20 selections, it is at minimal a B+ show. I say this for the sake of the die-hards who were probably butthurt about the show's longevity (under two hours).

Nothing made me happier to hear "Say Hello to the Angels." It is a complete thriller from start to finish. You will find it as the jam song to get your morning going if you ever need it, and with such, Interpol sets the bar high in 2019. Their show deserves a solid A. If you are in the hunt for new artists to listen to in 2019, take a whirl with Interpol. You might just surprise yourself of the songs you already know.