Unfortunately, we are coming upon the season for finding summer jobs and internships that will help advance us in a competitive job market against very qualified students. If you're like me and got rejected from approximately 10 opportunities last year, you may be wondering what answer interviewers are looking for to those common questions. Thanks to Ed McCraw, a professor of practice at the MBA school here at UNC-Chapel Hill, I have the answers for you.

1. "Tell me about yourself."


How professionally can you speak? Have you practiced answering this question? Can you tell a humorous story that can make you likable?

2. "What's your greatest fault? How did you handle a bad boss?"


How did you overcome it? What did you learn? How can you turn your answer into self-knowledge?

3. "Why should we hire you?"


How can you make our team better? What unique skills do you have that we need?

4. "What questions do you have for me?"


Can you ask an intelligent question? Examples: ask about the team culture, don't ask obscure questions they can't answer, find similarities in the path you and the interviewer took and ask how that worked for them in this company.

5. "Tell me about a struggle you've overcome."


What did you learn in general and about yourself? Don't say anything embarrassing to either party. Don't give too much detail; however, also be compelling.

May the interview question odds be in your favor. If they're not, you're still capable and successful and more than enough.