To kick-start this school year, we created My Intent bracelets one night at youth group. These bracelets featured a metal washer on them imprinted with a word that served as our intention. There are several definitions for intention, including "a thing intended; an aim or plan." Before this activity, I had never thought of an intention as both the goal and the plan to reach the goal.

Today Show feature on MyIntent Project

I chose peace as my word of intention because that was something I was in need of this past semester. At the start of 2019, I would like to choose a new word for this new year and new semester. As I work to simplify my life, I feel that choosing a single word or phrase will simplify and help give me more direction than making a long list of several New Years' resolutions. Plus, choosing a word will give me a theme and allow me to add and remove goals as I see fit.

So I wanted to share some simple words or phrases that would make great self-descriptors or life themes for 2019:

1. Less is More

3. Grow

MyIntent - What's Your WORD? on Instagram: “How will you GROW next month? • What's Your WORD? • #myintent #whatsyourword #intention #keepmovingfoward #dailyreminder #personalgrowth…”

4. Boss

6. Grateful

7. Grace

8. Be Kind

MyIntent - What's Your WORD? on Instagram: “What random act of kindness could you perform right now? How can you spread a little love today? • What's Your WORD? • #whatsyourword…”

9. Create

10. Trust

12. Joy

13. Enough

15. Be Still

18. Resilient

19. Explore

20. Give

23. Worthy

24. Forward

25. Open

27. Listen 

28. New

30. Rest

33. Simple

My hope is that by sharing these words that you will be inspired to choose your own word of intention. If you haven't connected to any of these words, I challenge you to reflect and create your own word of intention. If you are stuck, I suggest answering these reflection questions or taking the word quiz. What will you choose?