Is Instagram Becoming Overrated

Myspace was one of the biggest social media platforms that everyone wanted to be a part of. It was a place where people could see what music you liked when they clicked your profile, over-editing made you cool and your name was your crown to how you wanted people to know you as. It was fun to choose a background that made your profile different from others. However, Facebook was created and changed the game. Started out as a way for colleagues to see each other, but then turned into people leaving myspace for it. Although it's still active today, it's more for seeing what others are doing and to have family as "friends."

After those two, an app called "Instagram" was created. It was a simple app you'd download for an eye-catching filter and that's pretty much it. You'd post it and hope someone would favorite it. Just like Myspace and Facebook, Instagram also began to progress to this social media platform where people could post and what others are doing. However, it turned into more than just seeing what others doing. It became an obsession for many that includes looking good, looking lavish in photos and being the fakest form of self you could be.

While also, buying likes and followers to impress others. Which is a big issue for people on Instagram who want to be "Instagram Famous." While it's an obsession, it's also a platform where many have gotten jobs and even careers. The biggest jobs and careers including modeling and being an influencer of some sort.

While it may sound good, is there anything else to it? Seems like Instagram has lost it's touch to what made it original and fun. Nobody really cares about what others post. It's more of making your feed an aesthetically pleasing feed and having others believe you're living away you're probably not. Unless you're getting paid or gaining something from Instagram, seems like there's nothing else to it.

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