College life is hard. From daily assignments, midterms, papers, and finals, there's plenty of room to make some far from ideal decisions. Here are some events to try to avoid to make sure you're doing more okay in your college game than I am.

1. Having to pull an all-nighter 

Woman Slamming Pans Together

Even just pulling one is probably a sign you need to get your life in check, but when it's your third all-nighter in a week for no reason (or because that lab report isn't going to write itself) it is definitely time for an intervention.

2. Not knowing what assignments are due 

Guy Confused With Photoshopped Question Marks

Realizing Sunday afternoon that you have not worked on anything over the weekend or even have the slightest idea of what is due that night is the ultimate sign of a problem. There's also that feeling you get of your "stomach dropping" when you find out in class that an assignment was due (and you forgot all about it).

3. Your studying is done last minute 

Guy Holding His Head While In Fetal Position

Exams are one of the biggest causes of stress for many students, finals and midterms alike. While stressing over them, one might avoid them up until the last minute, leading to an all-nighter of cramming and possibly crying.

4. Having a messed up sleep schedule 

Little Girl Deciding To Nap On The Sand

When you sleep between four to five in the morning, even though you need to wake up at 9 for your ten am, something has to be done. Having only a couple hours of sleep then makes you knock out for three or more hours after your classes. Not only do you have a nonexistent sleep schedule, but you also lose time to do assignments during your impromptu "nap."

5. Denial (about assignment and exam scores) 

Dad Face Palming

When you know you failed your exam, so you do the most to convince yourself not to check it, even though it is wiser to check it and gauge what kind of changes you need to be making in order to improve your grade (or that you need to talk to your advisor).

Avoiding these mistakes (that I have made for you) will help you realize the path not to take, and figure out if there's some change needed in your life.