11 Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram, Like Yesterday
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11 Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram, Like Yesterday

Inspiring photographers on Instagram that will have you wanting to go shoot.

11 Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram, Like Yesterday
@opticlegacy Instagram

Do you currently follow any photographers on Instagram? Of course, there are so many. People are bound to have at least one photographer on their Instagram, but there's just so many, who do you follow? As a starter's kit to inspiration on Instagram and to up and coming photographers, you should be following the next 11 photographers now.

1. Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse)

The former Disney star has a talent that not many know about. Along with being a wonderful actor and a hot edgy model, he also shows a great deal of talent as a photographer. He has shot numerous models (i.e. Kendall Jenner and Rain Dove), celebrities (i.e. Sam Smith and Lili Reinhart), and ads for brands (i.e. Adidas). His photos have a heavenly look to them that suck you right into his Instagram.

2. Brandon Woelfel (@brandonwoelfel)

This New York based Photographer is an editing magician! He works wonders in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, creating beautiful portraits of people with lots of pretty lights, fireworks and glitter. His editing before and after pics can be seen in his personal Instagram, @branwolf. He can change the darkest photos into the brightest photo you've ever seen!

3. Saili K. (@ddskline)

A traveling, Boston native, currently in Chile, Saili is constantly around the world capturing beautiful moments of often the cities. She takes pictures of a variety of styles, like portraits, stills and architecture. This Instagram is definitely for the wanderlust in all of us.

4. Brema (@opticlegacy)

This particular photographer hangs around the Mid-West area, often visiting Chicago and Milwaukee. His shots of the city are moody and riveting. His angles are unique and exhilarating, especially the ones he takes from helicopters.

5. Uriana B. (@deci_dela)

This Paris based photographer has an Instagram filled with shots of the Parisian life. All her photos a rustic feel with minimal editing and translates Paris beautifully through pictures.

6. Sarah Bahbah (@sarahbahbah)

This particular photographer takes photography as more of an art form, combining portraiture with subtitles creating a narrative. She takes pictures of models and celebrities (i.e. Dylan Sprouse) in her work. Often these stories have a comical, satirical, cynical or interesting sexual moral to it which make many of them relatable in so many ways.

7. Renan Ozturk (@renan_ozturk)

This mountain climbing photographer will catch any nature-lovers by the hearts. He takes breathtaking photos of the mountains and his nature adventures that he has. He is also an artist and he posts of his sketches and paintings of the land.

8. VuTheara Kham (@vutheara)

Another Paris based photographer who documents the Parisian casual life from book shops to obscure streets. He takes and edits his photos to be bright and breathtaking. Being the France Sony Ambassador, he also travels often around Europe.

9. Tyler Mitchell (@tylersphotos)

This young photographer has been recognized by the fashion industry and many other acclaimed magazines as one of the top up and coming photographers. He has a distinct nostalgic style that sets him apart from many of the mainstream photographers on Instagram.

10. Margaret Zhang (@margaret_zhang)

An Australian of Chinese descent, she is among one of the prominent fashion bloggers today. She has a myriad of talents which include, photography, piano, ballet, videography and the list could go on. She is constantly traveling the world to work on ads and fashion events.

11. Tanya Borodina (@photobordina)

A Swedish photographer that takes mostly wedding and portrait. Her portraits are uniquely artistic with her exploration of shadows and dimensions, and her shots from weddings are truly phenomenal.

These photographers are a great start to be inspired on a social media platform and it's easy as following them on Instagram.

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