The Vanity of Instagram Models

We've all seen them. That random bikini-clad girl that shows up in the explore page. More often than not, they're accentuating and emphasizing some sort of (for lack of a better word) asset in a sexualized manner. Maybe it's to show off their fitness aptitude, maybe it's to show off something that should stay covered by their bathing suit, or they want it emphasized through said bathing suit. All these models share something in common: their insistence on the concept of "if you've got it, flaunt it." This leads to the posting online of photos of them that leave next to nothing to the imagination. This is either in the case of bathing suits that are a few steps shy of nudity, or they make very little effort to cover up at all for the sake of looking "sexy." This is especially true in cases where everything is implied, yet at the same time obvious (for example when towels or blankets are being used). Whatever it is, these photos are seriously immodest and scandalous (which is indeed a sinful thing).

What purpose does this serve? What could possibly be gained out of it, aside from unnecessary accolades, likes, comments and followers? Does this praise that comes in result of these pictures from not only peers, but also people who they have never met, so important that they are willing to sacrifice both dignity and self-esteem? What is wrong with covering up? Why would they prefer to leave their worth up to those they barely know?

I could go on a full rant about this, (from slut walks, to sexting, to lukewarm Christians) but I'd prefer to address the subject of modest women vs. liberally dressed women here. Everything else may go into later articles.

When it comes to things like dressing rather...liberally, I often find myself thinking in terms of modernity and where we have come as a civilization. If you're someone with my mindset, you find so much chaos in the social fabric, the likes of which cannot be resolved with feminism or other left-wing ideas. To believe or do the opposite is tantamount to treating hypothermia with crytotherapy and a cold shower. I notice the extreme lack of virtue and humility in many people, especially modern outwardly feminist women. Pride and vanity are rampant in place of those things that maintain the social order, mainly values and virtues such as modesty, prudence, humility, dignity, etc.

I personally believe I've been born in the wrong century, or even the wrong country, because of women--especially in the case of the First-World Instagram model-- who show no sense of those virtues listed above, nor possession thereof. At first glance (when looking at their pages) they appear as though their only assets in terms of personality are void; with the exception of that which lies on the surface level. By extension of this, they show themselves incapable of deep conversation, much less marriage-ability, due to their own lack of depth. That coupled with their inner fear that someone will figure that out and call them out on it.

As I grow more and more in my faith, I also grow more and more attracted to modest women who leave more than, if not all those things emphasized by the Instagram model, to the imagination. I grow less and less fond of the immodest and heavily vain Instagram model, as well as their non-model counterparts who are likewise vain, immodest and shallow. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking on every woman that dresses provocatively, nor is everything mentioned above directed towards all women. It's just in my opinion, in comparison to modest women, the attractiveness of the modest woman is light-years ahead of those that dress provocatively to accentuate their sexual attractiveness. Only immature shallow people with nothing else to offer would do such things to as great of a degree as the Instagram model. The modest woman, due to her virtue and her willfulness to NOT go with the trends, only makes her more attractive, more interesting, and more likely to find a loving husband.

If you have made it commonplace in both your life and on your social media accounts to act this way, I leave you with this:

Your body is a shrine, the likes of which should only be seen by one man, and one man alone...your husband.

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